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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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'Golden Ruby'

Assortment of yellow flowering Rhododendrons

'Evening Glow'

              Yellow flowering Rhododendrons are much sought after nowadays.  Many hybridizers all over the world, especcially in the USA and in Germany, go for bright yellow and coldhardy hybrids, till about -20 F. That's not easy, because the species with yellow flowers, R. wardii and R. campylocarpum are not that hardy. If all the winters to come, would be as mild as the last 5, here in the Netherlands, many more could be planted in the colder areas. The listed plants below are generally hardy to about 0. Some need protection from cold wind and too much sun in winter. Pn!

Assortiment in colors:
Rhododendron hybrids with:
red flowers;
pink flowers;
white flowers;
purple\lilac\blue flowers;
yellow flowers;
orange flowers;

'Stadt Westerstede'

'Babette' - yak#; light yellow with small blotch; M; C
'Bananaflip' - light yellow; only mature floriferous; M; C -hH
'Belinda' - ambiguum#; lepidote; E - M; hH
'Belkanto' * - golden yellow; fraai! M; hH
'Breslau' - cream + small red blotch; M; hH
'Capistrano' - USA; best yellow coldhardy; cream; M; hH
'Canary Islands' - light yellow + blotch; hardy!; M; hH
'Chicor' - lepidote; (golden)yellow very compact; M; C; Pn
'Comely' - concatenans#; lepidote; yellow; E; hH; Pn
'Cream Glory' - USA; yellow with cream border; M; hH
'Creamy Chiffon' - double flowers! cream; apart! M; hH; Pn
'Crest' - bright yellow, needs protection; M; hH - H; Pn
'Curlew' - lepidote; light yellow; small blotch; E - M; C; Pn
'Ehrengold' - light yellow; long flowering time! M; hH


'Magor Yellow'

'Eileen' - ambiguum#; lepidote; golden yellow; E; hH
'Evening Glow' - bright yellow; calyx! M - L; hH
'Festivo' - yak#; creamy yellow  with red markings; M; C
'Flava' - yak#; light yellow; M; C - hH
'Forlana' - cream with red markings; M; hH
'Füllhorn' - Robenek#' cream double flowers!; M; hH
'Gartendirektor Rieger' - williamsianum#; cream; M; hH
'Glendoick Gold' - Cox#; yak#; real yellow; drainage!! M; C
'Goldbukett' - light yellow + yellow markings+blotch; M; C - hH
'Golden Bee' - lepidote; light yellow; E - M; C
'Golden Melody' - yak#; warm light yellow; M; C - hH
'Golden Torch' - soft yellowgeel; M - L; C - hH
'Golden Wit' - light  coppery yellow; M; hH
'Goldjuwel' - Böhlje#; real yellow; M; hH
'Goldinetta' *- pure yellow; floriferous; M; hH
'Goldlika' - lemon yellow with red blotch; M; C - hH
'Goldkrone' - real yellow with red markings; M; hH
'Goldprinz' * - yak#; pure yellow! red markings; M; C
'Goldworth's Yellow' - light yellow; M; hH
'Goldzauber' - golden yellow with pink hue; M; C - hH
'Gordian' - golden yellow; small red blotch; V - M; hH
'Graf Lennart' - light yellow; M; hH
'Haida Gold' - light yellow; M; hH;  Pn
'Herzas' - light golden yellow with pink hue; red blotch; M; hH
'Horizon Monarch' - warm light yellow; nice! M; hH - H
'Hotei' - bright yellow but weak ;plant; M; C - hH
'Karen Triplett' - USA; light golden yellow; M; hH
'Karibia' * - warm yellow; M; hH; very nice!

'Kralingen' - from 'Trompenburg' cream with blotch; M; hH
'Kriemhild' - light coppery yellow; M; hH
Lachsgold' - from pinkish yellow to light yellow; M; C - hH
'Lila Pedigo' - light yellow protection!; M; hH; Pn (photo Harold Greer)
'Linsweger Gold' - real yellow, small blotch; M; hH
'Loch Leven' - nice yellow+blotch; ; M-L; hH; Pn
'Loch Tay' - Cox#; real yellow; M; C - hH
'Loy' - cream yellow + red blotch and markings; M; hH
'Maifeier' - light yellowicht, darker center; floriferous; E-M; hH
'Maharani' - light cream yellow; red markings; M; hH - H
'Marietta' - yak#; light cream yellow; M; C
'Nancy Evans' - warm real yellow; calyx; M; hH; Bn
'Nippon' - light yellow; M; C - hH
'Odee Wright' - light golden yellow; M; hH
'Patty Bee' - lepidote; light yellow; very compact; E - M; C
'Princess Anne' - lepidote; light yellow; compact; E- M; C
'Rimini' - pink bud; yellow flowers; M; hH
'September-Flair' - golden yellow; flowers also in fall. C
'Shamrock' - lepidote' - cream yellow; compact; E - M; C
'Simson' - lemon yellow; rather late flowesring; M - L; hH
'Stadt Westerstede' - light yellow; M; hH
'Top Banana' - USA; real yellow; E - M; hH; Pn
'Tow Head' - lepidote; nice yellow\green; hardy! E-M; C
'Unique' - cream yellow; M; hH
'Walter Schmalscheidt' - Robenek#; pure yellow; M; hH
'Wren' - yellow low spreading; M; C
'Yellow Hammer' - lepidote; upgrowing; E - M; hH
'Yellow Petticoats' - USA; real yellow; M; hH; Pn

E= early flowering, March\April
M= flowering in  May
L= flowering fromJune- August
C= compact till 3 feet in 10 years
hH= growing till 7 feet in 10 years.
H= higher than 7 feet in 10 years.
Pn= protection needed from heavy frost and dry  winds
lepidote = with small leaves

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More photographs of yellow flowering rhododendrons, many old and new hybrids or from Germany......  all photos have copyright!!

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