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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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'Peeping Tom'

Assortment of white flowering Rhododendrons

'Phyllis Korn'

           Pure white  Rhododendron flowers are quite rare.Most of them have a cast of pink or lavender, or they have a blotch in red, yellow or even almost black. And often the buds open light pink or lavender, and if this happens together with open flowers this creates a two-coloured effect. Some flowers are light cream, and I mention them here too. A quite long list.....

Assortiment in colors:
Rhododendron hybrids with:
red flowers;
pink flowers;
white flowers;
purple\lilac\blue flowers;
yellow flowers;
orange flowers;


'Albatross' - large plant and flowers; needs space!; L; H                'Album Novum' - old cultivar; a bit pink; yellow blotch; M; hH to H
'Baroness H. Schröder' - old cultivar; ML; hH
'Belami' - fine rozy white with large red blotch! M; hH
'Bergensiana' *- white with red blotch! M-L;  hH
'Bismark' - Seidel# white with red blotch; hardy! M; hH
'Blanka' - buds pale pink; flowers white; M; C to hH
'Blankenese' - yak#; white with yellow blotch; M; C to hH
'Blueshine Girl' -cream\pink\white; long flowering time! M; hH
'Bonito' - large white flower with blotch; Late! L; hH to H
'Boule de Neige' - old strong cultivar; cold hardy! M; hH
'Bric-a-Brac' - aparte, lepidote; pure white and very early. E; C; Pn
'Calsap' - from USA; looks like 'Sappho' but better!! M-L; hH



'Cassata' * - rosy white with nice dark blotch! L; hH
Catalga' - pure white, large trusses and hardy! ML; hH to H
'Catawbiense Album' - almost white, yellow blotch; hardy! M; hH
'Chionoides' - old cultivar; with yellow blotch; ML; hH
'Dora Amateis' - lepidote; with yellow throat; M; C
'Elfenbein' - from Bruns; rosy white; no stamens;  M-L; hH to H
'Eskimo' - almost pure white; M; hH
'Extraordinaire' - apart white with braun\yellow blotch; USA; M; hH
'Falling Snow' - from the USA; yak#; really white; M; C
'Graffito' * - fine rosy white with red blotch! hardy! E-M; hH
'Gudrun' - pink buds, white flowers; red markings;  M; C-hH
'Helene Schiffner' - Seidel#; M; hH
'Herbstgruß' - flowers for 70% in fall; white+red blotch;  hH
'Hyperion' - USA; looks like 'Sappho' but better; M; hH
'Inamorata' - cream white with small red blotch; Late!! L; hH to H
'Lady de Rothschild' - white with red blotch; fine! M; hH
'Lodauric' - large plant and flowers; L; H
Loderi series - many cultivars white and pink;  L; Pn!
Loderi King George'
'Loderi Sir Joseph Hooker'
'Loders White' - large trusses, fragrant; M; hH
'Madame Carvalho' - white with yellow blotch; M-L; hH
'Madame Masson' - white with yellow blotch; M; hH to H

'Marsalla' - large white flowers with red blotch! M; hH to H
'Molly Fordham' - lepidote; rosy white; M; C
'Mrs. A.T. de la Mare' - large flowers and plant; M to L;  H
'Mrs. J.G. Millais' - rosy white with large yellow blotch. M; hH to H
'Mrs. Lionel de Rothschild' - white with red dots; M; hH
'Multimaculatum' - fine white with red blotch; M; hH
'Nymphenburg' - cream white with yellow throat;  late! L; hH to H
'Oberschlesien' - insigne#; pure white! hardy!  M; C-hH
'Polar Bear' - auriculatum#; everything large; fragrant; L; H
'Phyllis Korn' - large white with yellow\red blotch; M; hH to H
'Ptarmigan' - Cox#; lepidote and very compact; E; C
'Rothenburg' - williamsianum#; cream-white; E-M; hH to H
'Sappho' - old; white with large dark blotch; leggy! M; H
'Schneekoppe' - lepidote; pure white! spreading;  M; C
'Schneespiegel' * - pure white; small red blotch; M; C to hH
'Schneewolke' - buds pink, later nearly white; yak#; M; C
'Signorina' - from pink to pure white + red blotch; M; hH
'Silberfee' - Robenek#;pure white; M; C.
'Silberwolke' - yak#; from pink to white; M; C
'Silver Sixpence' - silvery white on spreading plant; M; C
'Zugspitze' - yak# from Robenek; nice white; M; C to hH

E= early flowering, March\April
M= flowering in  May
L= flowering fromJune- August
C= compact till 3 feet in 10 years
hH= growing till 7 feet in 10 y.
H= higher than 7 feet in 10 y.
Pn= protection needed from (heavy frost and dry  winds

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more photographs of white flowering rhododendron hybrids:   all photos are under copyright!!!

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Rh. 'Tibet'
Rh. vaseyi witte bloem
Rh. 'White Elegance'
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Rh. yakushimanum 'Edelweiss'