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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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Kalmia latifolia "Indian Summer" in Maine wildflowers Costa Blanca Bernhard Knorr rhodo's Hans Hachmann Rhodo's Joe Klimavic azaleas
R. flavorufum

Assortment of Rhododendron-species

R. mucronulatum

           Rhododendron species  are originally growing in Asia, Europe and North-America. There are about 1.000 species , of which about 200 can be grown and planted in Western-Europ and comparable zones of about 7 or higher. The colder the area, (zones 6 to 4) the smaller the number of the species can be grown of course. And reverse!  The 'purists' of the rhododendron-lovers are especially interested in the species, of which many have fine habits like the new leaves with beautiful silvery, woolly, brown or white to fawn felt (at the underside of) the leaves. We call this 'indumentum'. See also the page 'Buds and leaves'.

Assortiment in colors:
Rhododendron hybrids with:
red flowers;
pink flowers;
white flowers;
purple\lilac\blue flowers;
yellow flowers;
orange flowers;

R. augustinii

R. adenophorum - pink-white; indumentum; foliage! M; hH
R. albrechtii - lavender-pink; decideous; M; hH
R. ambiguum – lepidote, aromatic; light yellow; E-M; hH
R. anwheiense - pink-white; M; hH
R. arborescens - white-pink; USA;  fragrant; decideous; M; hH - H
R. argyrophyllum - white-pink; silver underside leaves; M; hH
R. atlanticum – white;USA; fragrant; decideous;  M; hH
R. augustinii – lavender\blue\pink; lepidote; E-M; hH - H
R. auriculatum – white; fragrant; from July - September; L; H
R. austrinum - USA; fine golden yellow!!  decideous; M; hH - H
R. baileyi - apart!! dark-purple; lepidote; M; hH; Pn!
R. brachycarpum - creame-whitet; coldhardy! M-L; hH - H
R. bureavii – pink-white; indumentum! foliage! M; hH - H
R. calendulaceum - USA; yellow-orange-red; M - L; hH - H
R. fargesii


R. cinnabarinum Var. blandfordiiflorum

R. callimorphum - ((dark)-pink; M; hH
R. calophytum – white-pink with dark blotch; early! large; E; H
R. campanulatum - lavender-purple-pink;  indumentum; M; hH - H
R. campylocarpum - cream yellow; M; hH - H
R. campylogynum - from cream to purple-red; compact!! M; C
R. camtschaticum - lilac-pink; decideous; very compact! M; C
R. canadense – N-Am; [urple-blue; decideous; V; C; moist!
R. canescens - USA; pink-white; fragrant; decideous; M; hH - H
R. carolinianum –  USA; pink-white; lepidote; M-L; hH - H
R. catawbiense - USA; lilac-purple-pink; L; hH - H
R. caucasicum - cream-yellow-white; E - M; hH
R. cinnabarinum - many varieties! orange\red\lilac\pink; E-L; hH - H
R. concinnum – lavender-purple; lepidote; arom; E-M; hH
R. coriaceum - white+red blotch! largeshrub\tree; E; H; Pn!!
R. dauricum - pink-purple; lepidote; very early! E; hH
R. crinigerum -white-pink+red blotch; indumentum; fine! E-M; H; Pn!
R. davidsonianum - lilac(white); lepidote; M; hH - H
R. decorum - white-pink; fragrant; large; late! L; H
R. dichroanthum –yellow-orange; calyx; M-L; C - hH (photo Harold Greer)
R. decorum – pink-white; late! Large! L; H
R. eclecteum - from yellow to pink; E - M; hH
R. elegantulum – pink-white; indumentum; very early; E; hH
R. eximium - (light)pink; indumentum; M; H; Pn!!
R. fargesii – pink(stripes); early; apart leaves; E; hH 
R. fastiagatum - lavender\blue; lepidote; M; C
R. ferrugineum - pink(to white); lepidote; European Alps; M - L; C
R. flammeum - USA; orange-red; decideous; M; hH
R. flavorufum - white-pink; indumentum! M; hH
R. floribundum - lavender-purple; indumentum! E - M; hH - H
R. fortunei – soft pink; fragrant; M; H
R. fulvum - (dark)pink; indumentum; E - M; hH - H
R. genesterianum - Apart! blackpurple! protection!! M; hH; Pn!!
R. globigerum - pink-white; indumentum! M; hH
R. gymnocarpum - darkred; indumentum; M; C - hH
R. haematodes – bright red; indumentum; M; hH
R. hanceanum - cream yellow; lepidote+low; M; C
R. hemsleyanum - white;large plant; M - L; H
R. hirsutum - from red to white; lepidote and heary; M-L; C
R. impeditum – and derived varieties; blue\lilac; E-M; C
R. indicum - azalea; (pink)red; varieties; L; C
R. insigne – pink-white; silver underside leaves! M; hH - H
R. irroratum (var. Polka Dot) - white-cream-pink+dark dots! E - M; hH - H
R. keiskei – yellow; lepidote; (most)low compact; E; C
R. keleticum - purple=red; lepidote; very compact; M; C

R. kiusianum - azalea; pink-purple; M; C
R. lacteum - cream-yellow; nice plant; M; hH -H
R. lanatum - pale-yellow; thick indumentum! M; hH
R. lutescens – yellow; lepidote. E; hH - H
R. luteum - yellow; fragrant! decideous; M; hH - H
R. macrophyllum; USA; lavender-pink-white; M; hH - H
R. makinoi – pink-white; indumentum; narrow leaves; M; C; 
R. maximum – pink(white); cold hardy! late! USA; L; hH - H
R. micranthum –white in small trusses; lepidote; hardy! M-L; hH
R. mucronulatum - lilac; decideous; very early! E; hH
R. nakaharae - azalea; red-pink; late; spreading; L; C
R. niveum - apart lilac-purple! large plant(tree); M; H
R. occidentale – cream-pink-white; fragrant bdecideous, L; hH
R. orbiculare – pink; almost round leaves; E - M; hH
R. pachysanthum - white with dots; indumentum! E - M; C
R. pachytrichum – pink-white; indumentum! E; hH - H
R. periclymenoides - USA; pink-white; fragrant! decideous; M; hH - H
R. praestans - pink-white with red blotch; large! fine! M; H; Pn!!
R. preptum - white with red blotch! large plant! M; H; Pn!!
R. prinophyllum - pink(red)+ blotch; fragrant; decideous; M; hH
R. pronum - cream; rare! blue\green leaves; M; C
R. prunifolium –  USA; red; decideous; L; hH - H

R. pseudochrysanthum – pink-white; red dots; E; hH. 
R. pulloninii - apart! white(pink); foliage! M; C - hH
R. quinquefolium - azalea; white; apart leaves; decideous; M; C
R. racemosum -pink-white in small trusses; lepidote;  E- M; C - hH
R. recurvoides – rpink-white+red dots; indumentum! M; hH
R. rex – white+dark blotch; large plant; large leaves; E; H
R. roxieanum - white(pink); foliage! indumentum; M; hH
R. rubiginosum - lavender-pink; lepidote; M; hH
R. schlippenbachii - pink-white; decideous; M; hH
R. smirnovii – pink-lilac; indumentum! hardy; M; hH - H foliage
R. taliense – cream-yellow-white; indumentum!! Nice!! M; C
R. traillianum - pink-white; indumentum! foliage; M; hH
R. trichostomum - white-pink; in small 'balls'; lepidote; M; C-hH
R. viscosum – pink-white; fragrant! decideous; USA; L; hH - H
R. wallichii - (pink)-white; nice new leaves! M; hH
R. wardii – yellow; parent of many hybrids! M; hH - H
R. williamsianum – pink; small round leaves; nice plant; M; C - hH
R. wiltonii - pink-white; red dots; indumentum!; M; hH
R. wightii - cream-yellow; looks like R. lacteum; M; hH - H
R. xanthocodon - light yellow; lepidote; bluish leaves; M; hH
R. yakushimanum – pink-white; indumentum; foliage! M; C; 
R. yunnanense –light  pink with pink blotch; M; hH

E= early flowering, March\April
M= flowering in  May
L= flowering fromJune- August
C= compact till 3 feet in 10 years
hH= growing till 7 feet in 10 years.
H= higher than 7 feet in 10 years.
Pn= protection needed from (heavy frost and dry  winds
lepidote=with small leaves with scales at the underside(often aromatic)
Rh. adenopodum
Rh. adenosum
Rh. alabamense
Rh. albrechtii
Rh. arborescens a
Rh. arborescens b
Rh. arborescens c
Rh. atlanticum  splitted petals
Rh. augustinii Keston Variation
Rh. austrinum
Rh. balfourianum var. aganniphoides
Rh. calendulaceum in Yellow Mountains a
Rh. calendulaceum in Yellow Mountains b
Rh. calendulaceum double flowers
Rh. canescens
Rh. catawbiense on Roan Bald
Rh. cinnabarinum f blandfordiiflorum
Rh. complexum
Rh. cumberlandense (bakeri) golden-yellow (Gregory Bald)
Rh. cumberlandense (bakeri) orange (GregoryBald)
Rh. cumberlandense (bakeri) on Gregory Bald
Rh. cuneatum
Rh. eastmannii
Rh. elegantulum new foliage
Rh. flammeum
Rh. flavidumRh. fortunei white
Rh. fragrantissimum (tropical rhodo)
Rh. grande
Rh. heliolepis
Rh. hippophaeoides
Rh. hyperythrum
Rh. japonicum
Rh. kaempferi
Rh. makinoi new foliage
Rh. mucronulatum white
Rh. nudiflorum
Rh. oldhammii
Rh. orbiculare ssp. cardiobasis
Rh. oreotrephes var. Exquisetum
Rh. periclymenoides a
Rh. periclymenoides b
Rh. periclymenoides c
Rh. planecostatum (vireya rhododendron)
Rh. polycladum
Rh. praevernum new foliage
Rh. purdonii
Rh. purdonii new foliage
Rh. rigidum album
Rh. roxieanum var. oreonastes
Rh. roxieanum var. oreonastes new foliage
Rh. rufum
Rh. sanctum
Rh. scyphocalyx
Rh. siderophyllum
Rh. triflorum
Rh. viscosum
Rh. viscosum x Rh. cumberlandense (Gregory Bald)
Rh. viscosum x Rh. occidentale
Rh. wasonii
Rh. x erythrocalyx
Rh. yakushimanum x Rh. pachysanthum

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