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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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Assortment of purple\lilac\blue flowering Rhododendrons


           100% pure blue  does not exist in the 'Rhodoworld'. Yet there are rhodo-hybrids, which come quite near to it, especcially the group lepidote (small-leaved) hybrids in the list right below. And in the elepidote (= large leaved) rhododendrons there are many hybrids called 'Blue-this' or 'Blue-that'  which are at their best purple\lilac\blue. For a complete list I would need many many pages - this is a (my) selection out of them. 

Assortiment in colors:
Rhododendron hybrids with:
red flowers;
pink flowers;
white flowers;
purple\lilac\blue flowers;
yellow flowers;
orange flowers;

'Doncaster Mist'

'A. Bedford' - lavenderblue;  blackred blotch; M; hH to H
'Alexis' - lavenderpink+blackred blotch; a beauty! M; hH
'Alfred' - lilac-purple with yellow-green markings; M; hH
'Azurro' - crenate, dark purple with black blotch; M; hH
'Arthur Grumiaux' - R. cinnabarinum#? apart! lilac; M; hH
'Bariton' - purple-lavender with darkred blotch; M; hH
'Blaue Jungs' -  new; purple with black blotch; M; hH
'Blue Bell' - fine old cultivar!!; purple+yellow blotch; M; hH to H
'Blue Peter' - lavendeblue with dark markings; M; hH
'Blurettia' - lavender-pink;  yak#; M; C.
'Blutopia' - purple-lilac with yellow-red blotch; M; hH
'Bohumil Kavka' - apart dark purple with blotch; M; hH - H
'Burgundula' - dark purple with black blotch; M; hH
'Caroline Allbrook' - USA; light lilac crenate; M; hH



'Centennial Celebration' - light lavender; crenate; M-L; hH
'Clementine Lemaire' - light lilac with golden blotch;M-L; hH
'Concorde' - VanNes#; lilac with golden blotch; M; hH
'Durantik' - new! lilac-purple with dark blotch; Late! L; hH to H
'Edwin O. Weber' - large lilac flower+yellow\green blotch; M; hH
'Ernest Inman' - light lavender-pink ; M-L; C
'Etoile de Sleydinge' -white+purple-red border+dark blotch; M; hH
'Frank Galsworthy' - nice! dark purple with yellow blotch; M-L; hH 'Goldflimmer' - variegated! lilac+yellow markings ; M; C to hH
'Kabarett' * - lilac with darkred blotch; crenate! M-L; hH
'Lee's Dark Purple' - old cultivar; dark purple; M; hH
'Libretto' - dark purple with yellow\green blotch; L; hH
'Lilofee' - lilac purple; white stamens; M; hH
'Lugano' - lilac-lavender with purple blotch; L; C to hH
'Madame Cochet' - lilac with golden blotch; M; hH to H
'Marcel Menard' - fine dark purple-blue+yellow blotch; M-L; hH
'Marchioness of Lansdowne' - lilac with black blotch;  M-L; hH
'Mercator' - lilac with dark blotch; early! E ; hH to H
'Midnight' - USA; apart purple with black blotch; M; hH
'Mrs. Anthony Waterer' - lavender-lilac+ large yellow blotch! M; H
'Mrs. Helen Koster' - lilac withdark blotch; fine!; M; hH
'Olin O. Dobbs' - dark purple-red; black blotch; M; hH
'Peter Alan' - purple with dark blotch; M; hH
'Pfauenauge' - new! lilac with fine purple-red blotch; M-L; hH
'Polarnacht' - dark purple and darker blotch; M; hH
'Preacox' - known, early flowering lepidote; lilac; E; hH
'Puccini' - lilac with colour changing blotch! L; hH
'Rasputin' - lavender with dark blotch; M; hH
'Tamarindos' - purple with yellow\green blotch; M; hH

The so called "Lepidote-blue-group": hybrids out of crosses with  R. calostrotum; R. fastiagatum; R. impeditum, R. russatum, R. augustinii; R. hippophaeoides, or varieties and most lowgrowing.

R. augustinii 'Aquamarin' - light blue; M; C
R. augustinii 'Statuette' - lavender blue; M; hH!                                            R. augustinii 'Saphirblau' - violet blue; M; C
R. calostrotum 'Azurella' - violet blue; very compact; E; C
R. calostrotum 'Mother Greer' -USA; lavender; compact! M-L
R. carolinianum serie: most hardy and very early:
'Black Satin' - lilac; in winter dark leaves! E-M; hH 
'P.J.M. Elite' - purple red; E to M; compact to 90 cm
'P.J. Mezitt' - purple pink; E to M; hH
'Regal' - purple red; E - M; compact to 80 cm
R  fastiagatum 'Blue Steel' - lightblue; compact!! E-M
R. fastiagatum 'Intrafast' - lightblue; E-M; C
R. hippophaeoides 'Blue Silver' - purple-pink; M; C
R. impeditum 'Azurika' - violetblue; compact! M; C
idem - 'Blaumeise' - lightblue; M; C
idem - 'BlueTit' - lightblue; M; C
idem - 'Blue Tit Major' - lightblue and medium high; M; hH
idem - 'Ramapo' - lavender-pink; coldhardy!! M; C
idem - 'Luisella' - lilac-blue and roundcompact; M; C
R. russatum 'Azurwolke' - deep blue; M; C
idem - 'Blaufeder' - violetblue; M; C
idem - Blue Effect' - purpleblue; larger flower;E-M; C
idem - 'Gletschernacht' - violetblue; M; hH
and many more in this "lepidote-blue-group"

"E= early flowering, March\April
M= flowering in  May
L= flowering fromJune- August
C= compact till 3 feet in 10 years
hH= growing till 7 feet in 10 years.
H= higher than 7 feet in 10 years.
Pn= protection needed from (heavy frost and dry  winds

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more photographs of blue flowering rhododendron hybrids:   all photos have copyright!!!

Rh. 'Acclaim' (Dexter hybrid)
Rh. 'Alma'
Rh. 'Albert Close'
Rh. 'Anna Kruschka'
Rh. 'Anton'
Rh. 'BackhusNr. 14'
Rh. 'Bernhard Lauterbach'
Rh. 'Black Eyed'
Rh. 'Blue Danube'
Rh. 'Bohlken's Lupinenberg Purple'
Rh. 'Bright Day'
Rh. 'Christiana Herzog'
Rh. 'Dandy'
Rh. 'Dream of Kings'
Rh. 'Farnese'
Rh. 'G.B. Simpson'
Rh. 'Glenda Farrell'
Rh. 'Gloriosum'
Rh. 'Gouverner Mansion'
Rh. 'Granat'
Rh. 'Grandios'
Rh. 'Great Eastern'
Rh. 'Holger'
Rh. 'Hyacinthiflorum Plena'
Rh. 'Imbricatum'
Rh. 'Fiala'
Rh. 'Lunic'
Rh. 'Ma Mell'
Rh. 'Madame Doumier'
Rh. 'Martina Domschke'
Rh. 'Mims'
Rh. 'Misses Davis Evans'
Rh. 'Moerlosi'
Rh. 'Mrs. Helen Koster'
Rh. 'Ortrud'
Rh. 'Quapp'
Rh. 'Querele'
Rh. 'Royal Purple'
Rh. 'Sputnik'
Rh. 'Violett Blau'
Rh. 'Willard'
Rh. 'Windsor Lad'


Rh. 'Blue Silver'
Rh. 'Frosthexe'
Rh. 'Moerheim'
Rh. 'Penheale Blue'
Rh. x russeautinii