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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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My (ex)-gardens 'Park der Gärten' Germany ASA Convention 2003 Flowershow ARS Dutch Rhodo. Society
Kalmia latifolia "Indian Summer" in Maine wildflowers Costa Blanca Bernhard Knorr rhodo's Hans Hachmann Rhodo's Joe Klimavic azaleas
'Ariadne' pink with blotch

Assortiment of pink Rhododendrons

'Arabella'. reddish pink, a R.  yakushimanum #

          The colour pink  occurs a lot in the 'world of flowers'.With pink flowering Rhododendrons the number appears almost unlimited. So I make a choice, also out of early- and late-flowering rhodos.  And I will also mention rhodos with flowers more or less red-pink and lavender-pink. Or with a red border. So, it will be a quite long list. And there are many, many  more......

Assortiment in colors:
Rhododendron hybrids with:
red flowers;
pink flowers;
white flowers;
purple\lilac\blue flowers;
yellow flowers;
orange flowers;

'Lausitz' dark pink border with yellow eye

'Admiral Vanessa' - Hobbie#; pink + blotch; very late! L; hH 
Anastasia’  *– new from Hachmann; large bright pink; M, H
'Anna-Rose Whitney' - big plant, dark pink; M; H
‘Anuschka’ – red-pink. Yakushimanum # so  M. C
April Rose’ –
very early; purple-pink; very coldhardy. E, C.
'Arabella' - fine yak.#; white center; M; C
'August Lamken' - williamsianum#; M; hH
'Bad Zwischenahn' - yak# from Bruns; M; C.
'Bashful' - light pink; yak#; M; hH
'Brickdust' - williamsianum#; salmon-pink; M; C till hH
Brigitte’ – an insigne #;  darker pink border; M, hH
'Cadis' - from the USA; strong plant! a bit fragrant; m; hH
'Claudine' - lavender-pink + white border!! M; hH
'Constanze' - bright pink; M; hH
'Dagmar' - Kavka#; light pink, yellow blotch; M; C till  hH
'Belona' a R.  yakushimanum # from Hachmann

'Partyglanz' new from Germany


‘Diadem’ – large pink flowers with red blotch.  M, hH.
'Diana' - salmon-pink; from Bruns; M; hH to H
Dreamland’ – light salmon-pink. Nice compact plant. C, M.
‘Edeltraut’ – dark pink with almost black blotch. M, hH.
'Emanuela' -light pink, dark border; coldhardy!! M; C to hH
'Fantastica' - Hachmann#; beauty!, darker border; M; C to hH
'Frühlingsanfang' - yak# from Bruns; bright pink; E; C
'Furnivall's Daughter' - wellknown; pink with blotch; M; hH
Gartendirektor Glocker’ – williamsianum #, bright pink, M, hH
'Germania' * - well known; pink-red; M; hH.
Ginny Gee’ –very compact with salmon-pink flowers C, M. Pn
'Gomer Waterer' -  well known, light pink; M; hH to H
'Grumpy' - salmon-pink flowers; fine leaves! M; C.
'Hachmann's Charmant' * dark red border. a beauty!! M; hH
'Heinje's Zauberflöte' - yak#; M; C.
'Helen Martin' - own #; pinkred with blotch; M; C to hH
'Holstein' - pale lavender-pink with dark blotch; M-L; hH
'Humboldt' - light pink with dark blotch; M-L; hH
'Hultschin' - Hobbie-insigne#; M; C to hH
'Isadora' - yak# from Heinje; bright pink; M; C.
'Jacksonii' - pale pink; early flowering!  E; hH
'Jackwill' - williamsianum#; loose trusses ; M; C
James Burchett’ – pale pink with yellow\green blotch. L, hH.
'Kalinka' - yak#; M; C to hH
'Kokardia’  *– bright lavender-pink and dark blotch! M\L, hH.
'Lady Annette de Trafford' - with blotch; very late!!  L; hH.
‘Lamentosa’ – light pink with dark blotch. M to L, hH.
Lem’s Monarch’ – big, big flowers! red-pink M, hH. Pn.
'Linda' - williamsianum#; bronze new leaves; M; C
'Love Song' - soft pink with a bit darker border; M; hH
'Mardi Gras' - USA; yak#; pink with red border; M; C to hH

‘Marlis’ – yakushimanum #; pink with darker border. C, M
'Mrs. G.W. Leak' - light pink, dark blotch; M; hH to H
'Nicoletta' *- nice pink with red blotch; yak#; M; C
'Odessa' - smirnovii#; with big calyx; M; hH
'Ornament' - lavender pink with blotch; M; C to hH
'Osmar' - williamsianum# from Boskoop; M; C
‘Oudijk’s Sensation’, - from Boskoop; roze. M, hH.  
'Sneezy' - bright pink flower; M; C
Partyglanz' - insigne#;  new from Germany; M, C. 
'Percy Wiseman' - crême-pink; fine flower. M; C to hH
'Pink Pearl' - old fine hybrid! M; hH to H 
'Point Defiance' - large flowers and plant; M; hH tot H
'Polaris” – lavender-pink and very cold hardy; C to hH, M.
'Progrés' - pale pink, wine-red blotch; M; hH
‘Platinum Pearl’ –large flowers soft pink + blotch. M, hH to H.
'Robert Seleger' - small leaves; very compact; M; C
'Rosamundi' - pale pink; early flowering! E; hH (nightfrost)
'Rosa Traum' - flowers very late! L; hH to H
'Rosita' - yak#; crenate flowers + yellow blotch; M\L; C to hH.
'Rotauge' - light pink with blotch; M; hH
'Scintillation' - awarded! fine pink; Dexter#; M; hH to H
Shrimp Girl’ – compact growing;salmon-pink flowers; M, C
Simona’ – crème-pink flower + dark dots; M, hH\ H.
'Sonatine - yak#; very cold hardy; fine new leaves; M; C.
'Spätlese' - large bright pink flowers; Late! L; hH to H
Surrey Heath – apart pink and fine plant. M, C.
'Trude Webster' - large light pink flowers; big plant; M; H
‘Vintage Rose’ –  light pink flowers like trumpets; ML, C
'Wega' - pale pinkt; williamsianum#; M; hH
'Winsome' - deep pink; fine bronze new leaves; M; C to hH
Yaku Queen’ – pink with yellow blotch, coldhardy; C to hH, M.
'Yaku Sunrise' - yak#; warm pink; fine new leaves; M; C

E= early flowering, March\April
M= flowering in  May
L= flowering fromJune- August
C= compact till 3 feet in 10 years
hH= growing till 7 feet in 10 years.
H= higher than 7 feet in 10 years.
Pn= protection needed from (heavy frost and dry  winds

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more pink flowering rhododendron hybrids:    all photos have copyright!!!

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Rh. 'Nicky'
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Rh. 'Nirens'
Rh. 'Orange Eyes'
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Rh. 'Panenka'
Rh. 'Parker's Pink'
Rh. 'Parkfreude'
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Rh. 'Pink Parasol'
Rh. 'Pink Rosette'
Rh. 'Pride of Cambridge'
Rh. 'Prinz Karneval'
Rh. 'Professor Amateis'
Rh. 'Queen Mary'
Rh. 'Queen Victoria'
Rh. 'Quinte'
Rh. 'Rasteder Perle'
Rh. 'Red Eye'
Rh. 'Redwood'
Rh. 'Reiley Ridge Picotee'
Rh. 'Reiley Ridge Pride Day'
Rh. 'Rheinzauber'
Rh. 'Ronja'
Rh. 'Rosa Perle'
Rh. 'Rosarka'
Rh. 'Ruby Bowman'
Rh. 'Rumpelstilchen'
Rh. 'Russeldoxa'
Rh. 'Saba'
Rh. 'Seestadt Bremerhaven'
Rh. 'Shawmee Lake'
Rh. 'Silberstaub'
Rh. 'Spreeauenpark Cottbus'
Rh. 'Stadt Kamp-Lintfort'
Rh. 'Starfish'
Rh. 'Tina Heinje'
Rh. 'Todmorden'
Rh. 'Tom Everett'
Rh. 'Träumerei'
Rh. 'Turandot'
Rh. 'Ursula Seidel'
Rh. 'Vintage Rosé'
Rh. 'Viscount Powerscourt'
Rh. 'Wartburg'
Rh. 'Wheatly'
Rh. 'Wilhelm Bruns'
Rh. 'Williams'
Rh. 'Yaku King'