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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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My (ex)-gardens 'Park der Gärten' Germany ASA Convention 2003 Flowershow ARS Dutch Rhodo. Society
Kalmia latifolia "Indian Summer" in Maine wildflowers Costa Blanca Bernhard Knorr rhodo's Hans Hachmann Rhodo's Joe Klimavic azaleas
our house surrounded bij garden, meadows and woods

rhododendron- and azalea images

       A new project - how to collect so many fine photographs of rhododendrons and azaleas from several computers and external hard disks.... I could just let them be where they are and take a nap... But then it would be a waste fo so many interesting images for lovers of rhododendrons. You would not know, but I would... I would feel guilty. A hell of a job anyway. It took me hundreds of hours just to collect them, retouch if needed - mostly needed to get a good image - to put them in albums with the wonderful Jalbum sotware. And to integrate them into my website with links, keywords etc. And now, I am not even mentioning the trips and journeys to see the plants at nurseries, parks and gardens. In the USA, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium etc. And all this for YOU, my dearest visitors.
       It is good to tell also that I used several pictures from friends and hybridizers in the USA. Taken before 2006 and in  a resolution of 800 X 600 px. I had to enlarge them into the resolution of 1024 X 768; this all is not good for the quality of the photos. I know.
Alone the large leaved rhododendron hybrids are in 108 albums with almost 2.600 photos. I am not aiming for more of them, because there are tens of thousands of named hybrids. Most of them are in a state of 'sleeping', or even extinct.
        Below you see some notes about the photographing of plants in different situations. Good to take notice of them for your own photographic work. I wish you a lot of enjoyment with my photos.

a garden with a lot of rhododendrons..........

Photography of flowers and plants

        How is it possible that same flowers and/or plants look so different when you see some on the internet or in books. Or with your own images. Same flower - different color. Modern digital cameras have an automatic white balance that works well mostly. If you know your camera well  and how to work with the settings, you can change many things. For instance cloudy, rainy, etc.

But you can hardly change the weather conditions and not always your position towards the plant. The following conditions have influence on the quality and look of the photo:
Bright sunny weather is not so good for the color of the picture. Especially with white flowers. The camera 'thinks' that it is to white and 'squeezes' the aperture and the photo will be underexposed. I see this many times. So, keep in mind - white flower "retouch". When you are taking photos also in RAW-modus, you can adjust even better.
          Rainy conditions can give bright colours, but for close-up photos it looks not so good. Unless you do it deliberately.
Sunny weather and you are standing in a shaded area is not so good. The camera copes with a limited difference in light (white) and black. To high contrast. A lot of sunlight gives glossy leaves; so you need a polarization filter to reduce this effect. You will also get brighter pictures.
A color difference can also be the difference of the moment of the day. In the morning cooler - in the afternoon warmer colors. But know this: this ia the reality that your eyes see!!
Best light for good pictures? Partially cloudy weather is the best condition. If you have the choice, this is the best condition. Not much wind of course and using a tripod can avoid an unsharp photo.
Last but not least. You want a sharp picture? Use a tripod and take a bit distance and zoom a bit and the whole plant will be sharp. A small depth of field, just for the centre part of the flower? And use a small aperture of about 4 or 5. Good luck!

108 albums with 2592 rhododendron hybrids

1. - Rh. Apaculpo - Rh. Ann Bedford
2. - Rh. Aglo - Rh. Alive Heye
3. - Rh. Alice Poore - Rh. Amity
4. - Rh. Ammerland - Rh. Anneliese
5. - Rh. Annete - Rh. April Pink
6. - Rh. April Rose - Rh. Artmeyers Frühe
7. - Rh. Ascot Brilliant - Rh. Azur
8. - Rh. Azurro - Rh. Barbara Hardgrove
9. - Rh. Barbarella - Rh. Belle Heller
10. - Rh. Bellevue - Rh. Betty Wormald
11. - Rh. Betty Wormald - Rh. Blinklicht
12. - Rh. Blonda - Rh. Bohlkens Kronjuwel
13. - Rh. Bohlkens Kronjuwel - Rh. Borchers Rosanna
14. - Rh. Borchers Rote - Rh. Buffalo
15. - Rh. Brown Eyes - Rh. Cape White
16. - Rh. Capistrano - Rh. Caruso
17. - Rh. Casa Blanca - Rh. Cheer
18. - Rh. Cheer - Rh. Christina Rau
19. - Rh. Christmas Cheer - Rh. Concessums Master
20. - Rh. Concessums Master - Rh. Cream Glory
21. - Rh. Creamy Chiffon - Rh. Danny
22. - Rh. Danuta - Rh. Dexters Victoria
23. - Rh. Dexters Xerox - Rh. Doc
24. - Rh. Dolcemente - Rh. Double Dots
25. - Rh. Double Dots - Rh. Dufthecke
26. - Rh. Duke of York - Rh. Effner
27. - Rh. Eggert Rohwer - Rh. Erato
28. - Rh. Erich Beeken - Rh. Eva
29. - Rh. Eva Louise Köhler - Rh. Fastnacht
30. - Rh. Feenschleier - Rh. Flaming Star
31. - Rh. Flamingo - Rh. Frank Lehmann
32. - Rh. Frank Lehmann - Rh. Frühlingsglühen
33. - Rh. Fruehlingsanfang - Rh. Gentle Giant
34. - Rh. Georg Hardy - Rh. Gigi
35. - Rh. Gilbert Myers - Rh. Goethe
36. - Rh. Gold Fire - Rh. Goldfee
37. - Rh. Goldfinch - Rh. Goldsworth Yellow
38. - Rh. Goldzauber - Rh. Graf Zeppelin
39. - Rh. Graf Zeppelin - Rh. Gudrun
40. - Rh. Gudrun - Rh. Halfdan Lem
41. - Rh. Hallelujah - Rh. Heleen Deehr
42. - Rh. Heidenaab - Rh. Herbstzauber
43. - Rh. Heritage - Rh. Holdrio

44. - Rh. Holger - Rh. Humboldt
45. - Rh. Humboldt - Rh. Ice Cream
46. - Rh. Ice Cube - Rh. Irmelies
47. - Rh. Isabel Pierce - Rh. James Burchett
48. - Rh. James Burchett - Rh. Jim Dandy
49. - Rh. Jingle Bells - Rh. Juniflair
50. - Rh. Junifreude - Rh. Karminkissen

51. - Rh. Karnaval - Rh. Kirsten Begeer
52. - Rh. Kirsten Begeer - Rh. Koranja
53. - Rh. Konsonanz - Rh. Lady Stuart of Worthley
54. - Rh. Lady Stuart of Worthley - Rh. Lausitz

55. - Rh. Lava - Rh. Lems Monarch
56. - Rh. Lemon Dream - Rh. Libretto
57. - Rh. Lichtblick - Rh. Lodestar
58. - Rh. Look at Me - Rh. Lukas

59. - Rh. Lullaby - Rh. Madame Jeanne Frets
60. - Rh. Madame Jules Porges - Rh. Maimorgen
61. - Rh. Main Street - Rh. Marcel Menard
62. - Rh. Marco Polo - Rh. Marinus Koster
63. - Rh. Marina Domschke - Rh. Martijn
64. - Rh. Mary Bean - Rh. Maxwaldmädchen
65. - Rh. Maxwaldmädchen - Rh. Memoir
66. - Rh. Memoire Dominique Vervaene - Midnight Mistique
67. - Rh. Midsummer Red Max - Rh. Mirabella
68. - Rh. Mirabella - Rh. Moi
69. - Rh. Moi - Rh. Motyl
70. - Rh. Mount Siga - Rh. Mrs. P. D. Williams
71. - Rh. Mrs. Helen Koster - Rh. Mrs. W.T. Thistleton-Dyer
72. - Rh. Mrs J.G. Millais - Rh. Naomo Stella Maris
73. - Rh. Napoli - Rh. Nicholas
74. - Rh. Nicky - Rh. Odessa
75. - Rh. Odessa - Rh. Orange Flirt
76. - Rh. Orange Flirt - Rh. Pana
77. - Rh. Panenka - Rh. Passat
78. - Rh. Passion - Rh. Perlmutt
79. - Rh. Perlmutt - Rh. Picasso
80. - Rh. Osterschnee - Rh. Pipsqueak
81. - Rh. Planada - Rh. Power Girl
82. - Rh. Power Girl - Rh. Prof. F. Bettex
83. - Rh. Prof. Dr. Drude - Purple Peterli
84. - Rh. Quapp - Rh. Raphael
85. - Rh. Raspa - Rh. Rembrandt
86. - Rh. Renata - Rh. Robert Croux
87. - Rh. Robert de Belder - Rh. Ronsdorfer Frühblühende
88. - Rh. Rosa Ballerina - Rh. Rosita
89. - Rh. Roslyn - Rh. Rubinpracht
90. - Rh. Ruby Bowman - Rh. Sammetglut
91. - Rh. Sammetglut - Rh. Scharnhorst
92. - Rh. Schaumkrone - Rh. Scintillation
93. - Rh. Scintillation - Rh. Shawmee Lake
94. - Rh. Shazaam - Rh. Silver Copper
95. - Rh. Silver Copper - Small Wonder
96. - Rh. Smirboy - Rh. Spätlese
97. - Rh. Speranzo - Rh. Star of Woking
98. - Rh. Starbright Champagne - Sun Glory
99. - Rh. Sun Glory - Rh. Target
100. - Rh. Tatjana - Rh. Tintoretto
101. - Rh. Tiritomba - Rh. Traumhochzeit
102. - Rh. Trenna - Rh. Two Thumbs Up
103. - Rh. Ulrike Jost - Rh. Vernus
104. - Rh. Very Berry - Rh. Viscount Powerscourt
105. - Rh. Viscy - Rh. Weisse vom Moor
106. - Rh. Weissenburg - Rh. Whoopie
107. - Rh. williamsianum Rodrigo - Rh. Windmill
108. - Rh. Windsor Lad - Rh. Zyklon



22 Albums with photos of Rhododendron-Species, rhododendrons in the wild

Album new series rhododendron-species 1
rhododendron-species 2
rhododendron-species 3
rhododendron-species 4
rhododendron-species 5
rhododendron-species 6
rhododendron-species 7
rhododendron-species 8
rhododendron-species 9
rhododendron-species 10
rhododendron-species 11
rhododendron-species 12
rhododendron-species 13
rhododendron-species 14
rhododendron-species 15
rhododendron-species 16
rhododendron-species 17
rhododendron-species 18
rhododendron-species 19
rhododendron-species 20
rhododendron-species 21
rhododendron-species 22





23 albums with photos of deciduous azaleas (az = deciduous azalea)

Comment Also in the following albums I use photos of freinds and\or azalea lovers in the USA. Unfortunately they are not always sharp and good, because the jphotos were taken before 2006. Besides I enlarged them from a resolution of 800 X 600 px to the size of the other photos 1024 X 768. Photo copyright of these photos does not count for me, although in batch change they are indicated as such. Many thanks for Don Hyatt for his cooperation.

New series of deciduous azaleas:
1. Admiraal Semmes - Arneson Pink
2. Arnesons Medaillon - Berryrose
3. Big Arb - Caroline
4. Cascade Pink - Coccinea Speciosa
5. Cockatoo - Dolorosa
6. Don's Variegated - Evening Glow
7. Evening Glow - Frans van de Bom
08. Freya - George Reynolds
09. George Reynolds - Golden Nectarine
10. Golden Sunset - Hachmanns Sunny Boy
11. Hamlet - J. Jennings
12. Jack A. Sand - Karnavals Freude
13. Karnavals Freude - Tyrol
14. Lemon Drop - luteum Hollandia
15. Hollandia - Millie Mac
16. Millie Mac - Winston Churchill
17. Moorgold - Neon Lights
18. Next to Sunrise - Pink Delight
19. Pink Star - Redshank
20. Rh. prunifolium orange - Seville
21. Silver Slipper - Sun Star (Huisman hybride)
22. Soire de Paris - Vergille
23. Victoria - Yellow Pompom

37 Albums with Japanese azaleas  (jaz (Jaz) = Japanese or evergreen azalea
Same comment as with the deciduous azaleas   ZI say thanks to Joe Klimavicz, Don Hyatt, Sandra MC Donald and others

1. Abigail Adams - Angel Wings
2. Angel Wings - Autumn Embers
3. Autumn Magic - Betty Layman
4. Betty - Brenda Marie
5. Brenda Marie - Carol Kittel
6. Carry Amanda - Coral Ace
7. Coral Bells - Davids Choice
8. David Waldman - Dr. Henry Schroeder
9. Dream - Eros
10. Eros - Forest Flame
11. Frank Arsen - Geisha Orange
12. Geisha weiss - Grace Katherine
13. Gracie Girl - Haruko
14. Hatsugiri - Huang
15. Ima-Shojo - Joe Klimavicz CH-96-72c
16. Joe Klimavicz kruising - Kara Fune
17. Kara Nishiki - Komo Kulshan
18. Koromo Shikibu - Leprechaun
19. Lil Sweetie Pie - Lysande
20. Mademoiselle Yvette - Marinja
21. Marion Lee - Melba
22. Melina - Möhne
23. Momma Cee - Narihira
24. Neptune - Orchid Belle
25. Orchid Belle - Peg Hugger
26. Peggy Ann - Pops
27. Primitive Beauty - Rh. kaempferi Damio
28. Damio - Robin Dale
29. Robin Dale - Rosebud
30. Rosinetta - Sandy Dandy
31. Sandy Dandy - Schrammstein
32. Scott Gartrell - Sligo
33. Sligo - Susan Lynn
34. Susan Lynn - Tissie
35. Toko Hara - Vuijks Red
36. Wagners White Spider - White Moon
37. White Rosebud - JAZ. 99-14

Albums with photos of my own new crosses - hybrids of rhododendrons and azaleas.  (Z. means Dutch: zaailing = seedling)

Comment: Almost 25 years hybridizing rhododendrons and azaleas 'delivers' ten thousands of seedlings and at the end plants with flowers. From seedling on this takes about 3 to 4 years. Making strict selectlions is very important to do, because my space for planting them out was limited to about 5 acrres. Not so few, I know....On creteria like flowering richness, coldhardiness, strong flowers, not fading in bright sun light etc. And health and good looking plants with leaves remaining at least 3 to 4 years.
In these 25 years I made about 800 crosses  with tens of plants. And out of all these ten thousands of flowering and selected plants there remain 'only' 800 to 1.000 rhododendrons and azaleas that seem to be good for further testing. At a rhododendron-nursery in Northern Germany. I am lucky to have these nursery man to give me the opportunity to test my new introductions. We are still testing some new hybrids for introductions in the years to come. Numbering and naming these new plants was as follows - in the first years after 1983 I gave numbers up to about 700; later I used the year of first flowering to name them, f.i. Z. 98-10 is the year 1998 number 10, and Z. 06-41 is the year 2006, number 41. Etc. Z. means 'zaailing' = seedling. For further information about hybridizing see the page with 'articles'.

Photography: photographing plants or flowers is not so easy. You need a good camera and some knowledge about what to do. Example - waht to do with bright sunllight? Use at least a polarising filter. Light cloudy weather is the best. Red colours are also a difficult matter. Take also some green within the flower to avoid wrong colours.

A special way of taking photos is with a very smal aperture of about 22 till even 36 on some lenses. Also use infillflash. The result you see is a dark to black background and a very large depth of field. Result a pin sharp flower with details you will not see on a normal close-up photo. Well, enjoy my photos and new introductions!!

You will understand the meaning : eigen kruisingen = own crosses or hybrids of my hybridizing work.

Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 1
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 2
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 3
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 4
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 5
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 6
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 7
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 8
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 9
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 10
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 11
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 12
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 13
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 14
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 15
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 16
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 17
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 18
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 19
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 20
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 21
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 22
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 23
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 24
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 25
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 26
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 27
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 28
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 29
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 30
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 31
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 32
Album eigen kruisingen rhododendrons 33

Albums with photos of own hybrids of deciduous azaleas

Comment: my hybridizing deciduous azaleas could never exist or be without the work of Fred Minch from Puyallup in the state of Washington in the USA. I met him on several conventions of the ARS; also his wife Jean. Herewith I want to honor him for his excellent work of hybridizing the wonderful deciduous azaleas. As far as I know he died around 2010 - I got a message about it from a son of him. He was an avid hybridizer with so many good results. I ordered several times seeds of his hybrids, also pollinated by insects. And he sent me also packages with seeds for free. A mix of 'everything'.Then I continued his work by crossing them with other, also European hybrids, f.i. azaleas from Hans Hachmann in Germany. Rh. luteum, calendulaceum and occidentale he used and I did also. The hybrids I introduced meanwhile are Rh. "Sun Star" en de Rh. "My Reini". With double flowers and a bit scented. They are Luteum hybrids. Many of the other hybrids are 'parentless' meaning that I don't know (anymore) the parentage. And there are some other hybrids coming in the years ahead, I hope. Also with Rh. flammeum "Double Pleasure" that I got from Allen Cantrell, USA. Now I am selecting many of them and their offspring and look for mildew free varieties. This is very important, because greyish leaves in summer are not very attractive.
You will understand: eigen kruisingen van bladverliezende azalea's means: own crosses (hybrids) of deciduous azaleas

Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 1
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 2
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 3
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 4
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 5
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 6
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 7
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 8
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 9
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 10
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 11
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 12
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 13
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 14
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 15
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 16
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 17
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 18
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 19
Album eigen kruisingen bladverliezende azalea's 20

Albums with photos of own hybrids of evergreen azaleas

Comment: Evergreen azaleas are stepmotherly endowed in my hybridizing work. There is a a reason for it. Many years long I brought with me a nice collection of evergreen azaleas to The Netherlands. Hoping that there would be a good interest for them here in Holland and\or Germany. That was a disappointing experience. I offered them, these beauties to quite some nurserists, but most of the time I got the response, that they were not worth introcucing to the Dutch or German flower market. But take a look at these wonderful evergreen azaleas in my albums above. Fortunately there were some exceptions, like the nursery of Piet Jonkers in the Netherlands. And in Germany the nursery of the Böhlje family in Westerstede. See  They introduced one novelty of my new hybrids, Rh. "Groote Blomen". (something like that...) By the way, besides, at this moment, oct. 11, 2019, I have a nice collection of special new hybrids, from a cross of Rh. "Purple Pinwheel" X Rh. "Nymph", both from the USA. "Purple Pinwheel" has cloven or splitted petals and has a crawling habit or 'pendula'- form. "Nymph" is a quite upgrowing plant. Most of the offspring, 65 good looking plants, is also crawling or hanging down. Now I hope for flowers which are also cloven, and in the colors red, pink, lilac, purple and\or white. And if there are even double flowers, I am competely happy... Not happy I am with this year 2019. A hot summer and now, I write Oct. 11, 2019, a wet fall holds back making flower buds. This does not take impatience into account. My patience... Any ideas for pushing them....?
Here are 6 new albums:

Album eigen kruisingen Japanse azalea's 1  Album eigen kruisingen Japanse azalea's 2  Album eigen kruisingen Japanse azalea's 3  Album eigen kruisingen Japanse azalea's 4  Album eigen kruisingen Japanse azalea's 5  Album eigen kruisingen Japanse azalea's 6

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