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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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My (ex)-gardens 'Park der Gärten' Germany ASA Convention 2003 Flowershow ARS Dutch Rhodo. Society
Kalmia latifolia "Indian Summer" in Maine wildflowers Costa Blanca Bernhard Knorr rhodo's Hans Hachmann Rhodo's Joe Klimavic azaleas
the 'Rhodopark' te Eenrum in Groningen, northern Holland


Parks, gardens and nurseries

the well-known nursery 'Esveld' in Boskoop

Garden trip Scotland 6 albums

          This website is edited by me as a Dutchman; so it is understandable, that I can't  write about the rest of the world. Certainly not about all the interesting parks, gardens and nurseries in any country in the world. Though it might  be possible, that I could find the time to write about quite some gardens in the USA, that I visited during some Conventions that I attended. I have some thousands of slides about them, so it is a challenge to put some reports on this website. Till then I hope you will be satisfied to see and read about  parks, gardens and nurseries in western Europe. May be I will make some albums to get a 'wider perspective' of what we have 'here'. 

park 'Herckenrode' in Belgium

'Leonardslee Gardens' in South--England, very beautiful


             Unfortunately we don't have so many large parks with rhododendrons and azaleas here as in Germany or England. However, seeing the list below it does not mean there is nothing. Surely not. We are working on it, meaning, that our Dutch Rhododendron Society works together with the Agricultural University in Wageningen to build up a large Rhododendron collection at the 'Belmonte' park in Wageningen. Below you will find the following gardens:

Arboretum Eenrum in Groningen, north of the city of Groningen.  
De Hortus de Wolf in Haren near Groningen. As far as it still exists.......
Arboretum Belmonte and De Dreyen in Wageningen.  
The Amstelpark in Amsterdam.  
Park and Japanese garden Clingendaal in Den Haag, the Hague.
Arboretum 'van Gimbornpark' in Doorn, also special trees and heathers, etc.  
s Graveland’s Arboretum and Estate Gooilust.  Near Hilversum, east of Amsterdam
Pinetum Blijdestein in Hilversum with special trees and rhodos, if it's still there.
The research station  in Boskoop.  
Arboretum Trompenburg!! At the Honingerdijk in Rotterdam. Very fine!

 the large 'Hobbie Rhodopark' in Germany

'Stonefield' park in Schotland


            Especcially in the northern part of Germany, around the cities Westerstede, Bad Zwischenahn and Oldenburg, called the "Ammerland' and north of Hamburg around the city 'Pinneberg' there are many parks, gardens and nurseries, where you can admire rhododendrons and azaleas. Moreover, in Westerstede every fourth year, now again in 2006 there are the famous 'Rhodo-Tage', the 'Rhodo-days". This year from May 20 to 28. The whole center of the city is completely  planted with rhodos and azaleas. All the new introductions of the last 4 years will be presented in exhibition halls, also some of my new hybrids. Every rhodo-lover should have seen this once in his or her life!

'Rhodo-Days' in Westerstede in northern Germany, the whole city filled with rhodos and azaleas and many deciduous azaleas beds with so many plants, also my new introduction 'Helen Martin'.


The 'Park der Gärten', near Bad Zwischenahn.  Very valualble! Also for heathers and conifers. See page on this website!
The 'Brunspark'  near Gristede and Bad Zwischenahn.  Very attractive with an abundance of rhodo’s en azalea’s. Many with their names..
The 'Hobbiepark', founded by Dietrich Hobbie; a large park with many acres in a natural setting. Also a nursery and plant sale.
Crowded on Saturdays in May and June. Impressive! Most rhodos without names. In Westerstede-Petersfeld (Linswege)
See also their website: 
The Botanical Garden and Rhodopark in Bremen – Markusallee  60 -  also with tropical rhodos. Probably the largest Rhodopark in 
Germany - Ostfriesland: Park Lütetsburg, Album
Europe. Very well layed out. Worth a day-trip! Home of the 'German Rhododendron Society', the 'Deutsche Rhododendron Gesellschaft'.
The 'Hobbie-Park' in northern Duitsland, large, mature and very special! the 'Bruns-Park' in Northern Duitsland, also nice in fall!

The 'Grugapark' in Essen, where rhodos grow in acid sandy-loamy soil.  
In Ludwigsburg the 'Schloßpark'; the largest collection of rhodos and azaleas in southern Germany.
The 'Schloßpark'  in Oldenburg in northern Germany with very old rhododendrons.
And not to forget, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, parks and gardens in eastern Germany, Dresden, Gaußig and Kamenz.
          Nurseries which grow and sell rhodos and azaleas in the region of  Bad Zwischenahn are legion,
like gardencenter and nursery Böhlje in Westerstede           and north of Hamburg:
Nursery and garden of the Hachmann family in Barmstedt. Famous for their new introductions.
Nursery and garden of Wüstemaier in Schermbreck-Bricht near Wesel  north of Oberhausen.  


Gardens in England, who does not know them, are famous and a ‘must to see’!! Especially south of London.
 There are many special 'garden-trips'  to these parks and gardens, most in cambination with castles.
Exbury gardens in Hampshire, not far from the coast. Large, famous and beautifiul! There are books about the park.
Borde Hill in West Sussex.  
Bodnant Gardens in Wales
Leonardslee Gardens, in my opinion one of the very best. Also plant-sale.
Wakehurst Place, also in West Sussex, with the so called ‘Himalaya’ part. Very much recommended!
Kew gardens, near or in London, London is big, right!
Savill- en Valley Gardens, near London, large parks.
Winkworth Arboretum in Godalming, Surrey, also with special trees and shrubs.
Wisley Garden, the 'home-garden' of the English RHS.  Nice, but the rhodo-part a bit disappointing.
Then there is the thick ”Good Gardens Guide"  with short descriptions of about 1.000 gardens, also some in Europe.
ISBN: 0 09 178365 8; Publisher: 'Vermilion'  in Londen. .
Leonardslee Gardens in southern England, one of the very best!! Wickworth Arboretum, also South-England


        In 1996 my wife and I were in Scotland and admired many great parks and gardens, and were jealous of the gardeners who can grow rhododendrons and azaleas, that are not hardy enough in Holland. We stayed most in Oban, on the western coast of Scotland.

Ardchattan garden near Oban. Oban is a good starting point for garden visits.
Barguillean’s Angus garden, also not far from Oban. With nursery!!  
Achamore gardens on the Isle of Gigha further south.
Stonefield garden, with castle, as many times with hugh rhododendrons in the “Rhodo-Himalaya”.
Torosay gardens, also with nice castle on the Isle of Mull. Ferry from Oban, 15 minutes.
Crarae garden a large garden on the slopes etc. Needed support to save from ruination.
Arduaine garden south of Oban. Some people say, it is the finest rhodo-garden of Scotland.
Younger Botanic garden near Dunoon; a large wooded garden with more than 250 pecies!
Dawyck garden just north of England in an area called  the “Borders”
Royal Botanic Garden in Ednburgh. World famous for their collection of Rhododendron.
Gardentrip through Scotland in 6 albums, starting here
'Dawyck' gardens in South-Scotland, many early flowering species Stonefield Castle garden, teh 'Himalaya'  with large Rhododendron (species) Arduaine garden on the weestern coast of Scotland


In Belgium there are also some fine gardens and parks. As far as Rhododendron and azaleas  are concerned I mention the following:

Arboretum Kalmthout, not far from Antwerp. Also many other shrubs, trees and plants. Very fine and valuable!.
Tuin en park of Mr. De Clerck in Nevele near Gent. He has a large collection of rhododendons.
Arboretum Privinciaal Domein Bokrijk, near Genk.
Park and Estate 'Herckenrode' north of Brussels..
Park van Beervelde, 20 acres in a landscape style with many azaleas. Near Lochristi.
the fine garden of Mr. de de Clercq in Nevele in Belgium garden of Mr. F. Belmans in Mol, Belgium

If you know more interesting parks or gardens with many rhododendrons and\or azaleas, please let me know:.

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