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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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My (ex)-gardens 'Park der Gärten' Germany ASA Convention 2003 Flowershow ARS Dutch Rhodo. Society
Kalmia latifolia "Indian Summer" in Maine wildflowers Costa Blanca Bernhard Knorr rhodo's Hans Hachmann Rhodo's Joe Klimavic azaleas
Rhododendron 'Dear Barbara'  is a cross between Rh. 'Vulcan's Flame'  X  Rh. yakushimanum FCC


New Huisman Rhododendrons

Rh. 'Lily Dance'  (Z. 00-13) is a cross of (Rh. yakushimanum FCC  x  Rh. 'Goldkrone' )  x  Rh. 'Whitney's Tigerlily' .

          After about 25 years of hybridizing with rhododendrons and azaleas (see page about hybridizing) one of my hybrids, Rh. 'Helen Martin' is in trade since 2002.
Since then we tested many of my best hybrids before introducing them, to be sure they are something new and good enough to introduce. Testing about winterhardiness, health of growing well and fine flowers with eventually new charactaristics like double flowers or with many dots or new colours. I am working together with a nursery in northern Germany, testing about 150 of my best hybrids - quite an intensive work of many years! The results of this testings sofar, are, that we have introduced 6 of the best hybrids on the Rhodo-Show in Westerstede in northern Germany. The place to be every 4th year to see the best new introductions of the last 4 years. I am very proud to tell that I got 2 golden and 2 silver-medalls for 5 nominated new hybrids. This Rhodo-Festivall was from May 15 till May 24. Now I present here these new hybrids with pictures and 4 albums to give you an impression of these 'showpieces of beauty' as I hope they are!! For private selling you will have to wait some years, they are now only for wholesale.  See also the website  For more information, please write to me.  See below 5 new albums about new Huisman rhododendron hybrids in future!!
Rh. 'Helen Martin'  in trade since 2002

®                                                            Rhododendron 'Helen Martin' 
This already named hybrid is for sale since 2002 and many rhododendron lovers have it in their garden. Latest figers show, that it is becoming more popular!!  It probably is a cross with Rh. Cunningham's White' and Rh. 'Cosmopolitan'. The plant grows quite compact to about 4 feet in 10 years. It always depends of  fertilizing and sunlight or more shade The plant itself is very beautiful with concave dark green leathery leaves, remaining on the plant for 4 years!! The flowers open dark margenta red, then turn into a pink-red flower with a white center and in this center a dark blotch. With a red edge. After a week or so it gets lighter, like all rhodos do, but the flowers will remain at least 3 weeks, depending on the weather, much sun or less sun. In a protected area about 4 weeks, which is quite a long time for a rhodo flower! Propagation is very easy and quick! Coldhardiness is very good to at least - 24 C.\ -12F. Flowering time May. Compact to 3 feet in 10 years. Selling address see below.

Gold medal winner Rhodo 2010 in Westerstede, Germany!! Rhododendron 'Double Dots'  is zaailing=seedling =cross  Z. 512. Which is a cross of Rh.' Whitney's Tigerlily'  x  (Rh. 'Graf Lennart' x Rh. calophytum) ®                                                            Rhododendron 'Double Dots'
Gold medal Rhodo 2010 in Westerstede, Germany.
This is seedling Z. 512, a cross between Rh. 'Whitney's Tigerlily' x  (Rh. 'Graf Lennart' x  Rh. calophytum). The special thing about this hybrid are the double flowers, which means, that the normal tiny green calyx leaves have turned into large petals with the same colour as the normal petals. Light pinkish white with dots all over all the petals, a 'heritage' of the mother Rh. 'Whitney's Tigerlily'. Growth is upright to about 5 feet in 10 years. Hardy to at least -5F (-21 C) Flowering time is mid May. Rather compact habit up to 4 - 5 feet in 10 years. Selling address see below.   Larger Photo Rh. Double Dots   only privat use!!
Rh. 'Gerstenkorn' =  Z. 01-98 = Rh. 'Whittney's Tigerlily' x (Z. 90 x Rh. yakushimanum ®                                                            Rhododendron 'Gerstenkorn'  
Cross Z. 01-98 - a complicated cross of Rh. 'Whittney's Tigerlily' x (Z. 90 x Rh. yakushimanum FCC).  Z. 90 is Rh. 'Cunningham's White''  x Rh. 'Sappho'. You can see the influence of the female parent because of the dots, mostly on the upper lobes. And  Rh. 'Sappho' plays her role in the blotch which is dominant in next generations. Special is also, that this blotch devides in 4 parts on 2 lobes. See larger photo. The plant habit is quite low and compact - in 10 years about 2-and a half feet (70 cm) with short dark leaves and more or less red flower buds. Hardiness till at least -5 F( - 21 C). Flowering time in May. Compact growing to 4 feet in 10 years.
Named after a nurserist in Westerstede, who is selling some of my new hybrids. Not nominated this year.
Selling address see below.   Big photo Rh. Gerstenkorn  only privat use!!
Z. 00-13 is a cross with (Rh. yakushimanum FCC  x  Rh. 'Goldkrone' )  x  Rh. 'Whitney's Tigerlily' .  Same rhodo as right up this page on top. ®                                                            Rhododendron 'Lily Dance' 
This (Z. 00-13) is a cross of (Rh. yakushimanum FCC x Rh. 'Goldkrone' ) x Rh. 'Whitney's Tigerlily' . Again this last male parent  playes an important role - I brought it back home from the 1993 ARS Convention when we visited the Whitney nursery in Brinnon, WA. This cross - see the large photo on top richt (click on it) has very special flowers. The calyx petals are narrow, bearing a blotch as a repeat from the blotch in the normal petals. Because the trusses are quite open, this is visible very well. It resembles the short dancin skirts of a ballerina. Quite unique! Plant growth is strong upgoing to about 5-6 feet in 10 years. Flowering time is mid May. Hardiness to about -10F (-24C). Not yet nominated. A bit shy to flower in the first years. Selling address see below.    Large Photo Rh. Lily Dance   no commercial use!!
A new Rh. luteum-introduction with double scented flowers which will turn from yellow to orange                                                             Rh. 'Sun Star' 
This deciduous azalea Rh.  'Sun Star' (former seedling Az. 03-17) is a very special rhodo. Originally arisen from seeds of Fred Minch from the USA. I made new crosses with the offspring and here are some results. See also below 'My Reini'. It is a luteum cross with double fragrant  flowers. The flower buds open dark salmon-pink; then opening up to yellow flowers. After some days this yellow turns into a soft orange!! Look at the picture!! Sunny colours changing into orange stars!! 
The plant itself is very hardy; flowering time May. Till 5 feet tall in 10 years. 
A fine asset to the rhododendron world of deciduous azaleas. For bigger picture click   here 1920 x 1280 px  (
free for personal use)
Selling address see below.  
Also e new introduction, named after my wife Reini, double flowers in colours pink and rich orange

                                                                             Rh. 'My Reini
The same 'story' for the deciduous azalea Rh. 'My Reini'. A luteum cross with double fragrant flower. And an amazing colour!! Powerful pink-salmon-orange on an upgrowing plant. Named after my wife Reini - what an honour for .... this plant. Former Az. 03-19. Flowering time May and very hardy. Growing up to 5 - 6 feet in 10 years. Depending on place and fertilization. 
Also of this fabulous plant I have a bigger picture of 1920 x 1280 px. free download for privat use. 
I have bigger photos, see 'ordering photos' above.
Selling addresses see below. 

Rhododendron 'Prinses Máxima'  is a very complicated cross: (Z. 91 x Z. 94) x Rh. 'Whitney's Tigerlily'. Z. 91 is Rh. 'Goldkrone' x Rh. yakushimanum, Z. 94 is Rh. 'Cosmopolitan' x Rh. 'Scintillation'. Z. 94 had already many dots, this one even much more. ®                                                            Rhododendron 'Prinses Máxima' 
Silver medal Rhodo 2010 Westerstede, Germany.
This is a very complicated cross: (Z. 91 x Z. 94) x Rh. 'Whitney's Tigerlily'. Z. 91 is Rh. 'Goldkrone' x Rh. yakushimanum, Z. 94 is Rh. 'Cosmopolitan' x Rh. 'Scintillation'. Z. 94 had a lot of dots, and this cross has even much more dots, spread all over the lobes. And in this case on the double flowers!! This hybrid could become a bestseller, also because of the name of the Dutch princess, who is married with the Crown prince of the Netherlands, Willem Alexander. On the larger picture you can see the doubleness of the fine flowers. Very soft pink-white and darker red dots. The calyx petals are as big as the normal petals, sometimes even bigger. Very unusual. The trusses are not so big, and this is a good thing, because with rainy weather the trusses don't hang down!! Quite strong upright growing plant of  5 to 6  feet in 10 years. Flowering time is mid May. Coldhardy to at least -5F (-21 C) Selling address see below  Big photo Prinses Maxima         copyright Tijs Huisman
Rh. 'Blue Print' has bluish pink flowers with a light center; also a good hardy plant from the cross Rh. 'Eruption' X Rh. 'Janet Ward'. .®                                                             Rhododendron 'Blue Print' 

This cross is Rh. 'Eruption' X  Rh. 'Janet Ward'. 'Eruption' is a Hachmann hybrid wit bicolor flowers, red and white. ‘Janet Ward’ is an old hybrid wilth pink flowers and white edge. So for me this seemed an interesting cros with may be unexpected flowers. Some results are really good, like this one Rh. 'Blue Print', under number Z. 00-61. With purple-blue flowers and a lighter blotch in the middel in the shape of a white star with a yellow flare. After some days this star gets darker with age. The habit is middle high with nice foliage and the stem is purple red and also the leaf stem. Flowering time is mid may, depending of the weather. Coldhardiness at least - 22 C. Click for larger pictures. And see for selling nurserlies at the bottom of the page.
Large photo Blue Print  1920 x 1280   large photo stem and leaves     Detail Photo 'Blue Print'       copyright Tijs Huisman

Gold medal Rhodo 2010 Westerstede, Germany. Rhododendron 'Sun Fire'  is a fine cross with in spring bronze new leaves = (Rh. 'Rotgold' x Rh. 'Amaretto') x Rh. dichroanthum  var. yellow. ®                                                            Rhododendron 'Sun Fire' 
Gold medal Rhodo 2010 Westerstede, Germany!
This cross (Rh. 'Rotgold' x Rh. 'Amaretto') x Rh. dichroanthum yellow variety offers a special colour arrangement. The inner side of the flowers is soft yellow and the outer edge pink-orange. On the three upper lobes is a golden blotch of many dots. At a distance it looks bright (2 coloured) orange, a colour which is very popular nowadays. The plant growth is compact with narrow leaves. The new leaves are nice bronze. Growth is quite broad up to 3 to 4 feet in 10 years. The plant itself is hardy to at least -5F (-21 C) - the flowers hardy to 0F, a temperature that is not very common in the last 10 years here in western Europe. Flowering time is mid May. A strong plant in flower beauty and winterhardiness!! Selling address see below.    Big photo Rh. Sun Fire  1920 x 1280 px                                    copyright Tijs Huisman
This new rhodo Rh. 'Moon Fire' has of course parents, but I don't know them. With warm golden-yellow flowers on a compact plant ®                                                            Rhododendron 'Moon Fire' 

I don't know the parentage of this new hybrid Rh. ‘Moon Fire’. Normally I am very precise abouot the jparents of crosses, but apjpearently not in this case. Nevertheless this is a very nice plant and flowers. A possibility is a cros between an real yellow American hybrid with the Hachmann hybrid Rh. 'Goldkrone'. The flowers are a nice golden warm yellow with dark red spots in the middle. The plant flowers already in a young stage; some stems have more than just one bud, but many bids. The result is e very dense 'ball' of flowers. The plant has bronz red new leaves and grows rather compact till 4 or 5 ft. in 10 years. Winterhardiness is quite good till at least - 22C. Flowering time mostly mid May.
large photo 'Moonfire'    glarge photo 'Moon Fire' bronz leaves     large detail photo Moon Fire         
copyright Tijs Huisman

Rh. 'Silver Copper' is a cross with a yakushimanum hybrid wilth another simular crossan Fred Minch uit de VS

®                                                            Rhododendron 'Silver Copper'

This cross has been made by Fred Minch, Puyallup, WA, USA. Some years ago he died. In his honour I would like to present this new cultlivar. A cross between a Rh. yakushimanum hybrid X  another yakushimanum hybrid.  With number Z. 337. The flowers are white with a red blotch, really fine but not exceptional. The new leaves are covered with a silver indumentum that gives the plant in June and July a silver presence. Depending on the weather, rainfall it will remain several months. Underneath also silver indumentum, that turns into copper. This explains the name 'Silver Copper'. The new buds also start silver and turn also into copper indumentum. Especially in winter time an appealing sight! The plant grows quite compact and dense, certainly the flirst years. Very coldhardy to at least -25 C. Flowering time mid May. A field with this rhodo is beautiful for the silver indumentum, see picture.
large photo 'Silver Copper' flowers    large photo foliage   large photo field Rh. 'Silver Copper'    large photo Silver Copper bud indumentum      
copyright Tijs Huisman

een fraaie nieuwe rhodo heet Rh. 'Sun Glory' - de naam spreekt voor zichzelf
®                                                                        Rhododendron 'Sun Glory'

The parentage of this new hybrid is as follows: (Rh. Lem’s  Cameo’ X Rh. ‘Polynesian Sunset‘) X self. With such beautiful  and famous parents, any child must be great also. "Let's make rhododendrons great again".... Before number Z. 504. Large fringed flowers with a combination of colours of yellow, light pink and mostly orange. Total impression is orange. The inner sight below is really glowing in the sunlight! So, the name could have been also Rh. 'Orange Glow'. But so many names of rhodos start with 'orange'. In line with 'Sun Fire' it is 'Sun Glory'. The new shoots have nice bronze red leaves, foliage which is a additional gift after flowering. The plant habit is middle high of 4 to 5 feet in 10 years. Flowering time is mostly mid May. Cold hardiness is good, considering the parents, to at least - 20C.   
large photoo Sun Glory flowers    large photo foto foliage    large photo Sun Glory bronze leaves   large photo detail Sun Glory    
copyright Tijs Huisman

Rh. 'Black Pearl' is a low growing plant with dark purple flowers and a prominent black centereen zwarte vlek
®                                                                      Rhododendron 'Black Pearl'

Rh. ‘Black Pearl’ is a result of the cross Rh. Frank Galsworthy X Rh. ‘Jonathan Shaw‘. Both parents have dark purple flowers wilth a prominent blotch, yellow and black. Yet, I have some doubts about this parentage. I also ussed some times Rh. 'Melanie Shaw', quite simular of 'Jonathan Shaw'.
The plant grows rather slow than quick, has a dense habit and leaves that end pointy. Growth to 3 or 4 feet in 10 years. Flowering time is quite late, last half of May. The flowers start almost black, opening into dark purple with a dark red center. In this center a prominent black blotch; therefore 'Black Pearl'. Also nice to see the red style and filaments. In a nice contrast to the white pollen stigma.  After some days the flower colour will be a bit lighter, but this is normal. Introduction will be in fall 2018 or in 2019.
large photo flower 'Black Pearl      large photo flower close-up   large photo foliage        copyright Tijs Huisman

All of these 13 new Rhododendron hybrids are officially registered with "The International Rhododendron Registrar, The Royal Horticultural Society's Garden", the RHS in Engeland. Besides I registered a special logo, so if you see this logo ®  you know that this is a 'TH-Rhodo" a Huisman RhododendronNext years there will be more new introductions. 
For more information, please
contact  me for further details.
Also for quality photographs for plantlabels. For wholesale see   also private:  and 

To show more pictures of these new hybrids, I added 4 albums: Album Huisman rhododendrons 1   Album Huisman rhododendrons 2    Album Huisman rhododendrons 3  Album Huisman rhododendrons 4

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