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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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My (ex)-gardens 'Park der Gärten' Germany ASA Convention 2003 Flowershow ARS Dutch Rhodo. Society
Kalmia latifolia "Indian Summer" in Maine wildflowers Costa Blanca Bernhard Knorr rhodo's Hans Hachmann Rhodo's Joe Klimavic azaleas
'Diamant' white from Germany

Assortment of evergreen Azaleas

'Double Beauty' a Dutch hybrid from Amarica

          Evergreen (or Japanese) Azaleas keep their leaves more or less in wintertime. They belong also to the genus Rhododendron and are valuable because of  their abundance of flowers! Last decades, in Europe and especially in the USA - THE Mekka of the evergreen azaleas - many new varieties and hardy introductions have been released and come into trade. Thanks to the work of so many hybridizers!! Very welcome to cheer up the somewhat 'out-of-date' assortment here, western Europe. I have brought quite a few new azaleas to the Netherlands and tested in my garden. A number of them are good and hardy enough to plant here and in western Europe. For more information see the page with articles. more explanation.

Decideous azaleas

'Elsie Lee' an Amesrican evergreen azalea with lilac double flowers and very hardy!

'Lovely Linda' a new hybrid from Joe Klimavicz, USA

From the more or less 'older' assortment:  

'Addy Werry' - red; glowing leaves; early   
'Adèle' - pink\red; early
'Adonis' - white, hose-in-hose; midseason
'Anne Frank' - purplish red; late; strong growth
'Arabesk' - purplish red; rather large flowers
'Beethoven' - purple\lilac; midseason; upright; very hardy
'Betty' - pink\carmine; midseason; strong upright
'Blaauw's Pink' - (salmon)-pink; late; upright
'Blauwe Donau' - lilac\purple; very hardy! late
'Brilliant' - fine vivid red! midseason to late; spreading
'Blue Moon' - rare!! light pink AND dark pink! spreading
'Campfire' - carmine red; midseason and spreading
''Christina' - cherry red hih; late; spreading

 'Anchorite' grows and flowers very well here  

'Vuyk's Red' an old variety from Holland

Photos for plant-labels? info!

           The so called 'Diamant'-series in the colours:
'Diamant' white; pink; lavender; red
'Elisabeth' - pink hih; early; spreading
'Elisabeth Gable' - USA; cherry red hih; strong growing
'Excelsior' - cherry red; midseason; upright
'Gabriele' - cherry red with blotch; late; coldhardy!
'Galathea' - dark red; upright; bronze leaves in winter
         the 'Geisha'-azaleas from Germany with Japanese names
        or names + colour (rather confusing) like:
'Geisha cherry red' = 'Kazuko'
'Geisha lavender' = 'Hanako'
'Geisha Orangered' = 'Satshiko' etc. etc.
'Georg Arends' - purplish red; midseason and very hardy
'Gilbert Mullie' - pink\red; spreading
'Hatsugiri' wellknown; lilac\purple; early; compact. not very hardy
'Herbert' - lavender\pink with blotlch hih; midseason
'Hino Crimson' - wellknown; cherry red; very early; 
'Hong Kong' - rose pink; midseason
'Imperator' - lilac\violet; midseason; spreading
'Jeanette' - cherry red and spreading
Johanna’ – red; bronze leaves in winter; somewhat upright.  
'Kathleen' - cherry red\pink; early ; upright; hardy!
Promising (new) introductions from the  USA (Canada):

'Al's Picotee' - Canada; white with pink border hih; winterhardy!!
'Ambrosia' - light orange; broad upright; uncommon colour
'Anchorite' - lilac\pink; strong and healthy!! spreading; hardy!
Anna Kehr’ – deep pink; double; spreading
‘Alexander’ – red\orange; kreeping; late; fine!  
‘Ben Morrison’ – distinctive; white border+pink\red blotch; upright  
'Betty Anne Voss' - soft pink; double hih; broad-compact
'Betty Hemmingway' - double white flowers! upright
‘Bruce Hancock’ – white with pink\lilac border!! late; low  
'Buccaneer' - fine red\orange! broad upright; out of direct sun!
'Caitlin Marie' - new! Joe pompon!! spreading
'Carol' - fiery purplish red; hih; low; very hardy; Gable hybrid
'Carrie Amanda' - new!  white+purple border; compact; hardy
Cherie’ -  salmon pink; double! low; spreading; no direct sun  
Chiara’ – deep pink;  hih and very hardy  
‘Congo’ – purple lavender large flowers; upright  
'Conversation Piece’ – distinctive! purple and white; upright
‘Daphne’ – fine creamy white with salmon\pink border; Compact.  
'Delicatissima' - white center+pink\lilac border; broad compact
‘Double Beauty’ – double bright pink; broad upright  
'Easley Sky Blue' - light blue! rare! upright
'Easter Parade' - pink and whitet; double hih; nice!! shelter         
‘Eliza Hyatt’ – soft pink! double; very nice!  
Elsie Lee’ – double lilac; crossingspartner! upright  
‘Frank Arsen’ – hih pink and orange; upright; unusual colour
‘Fascination’ – white+bright orange border! broad upright  
'Fawn' - white with purple\lilac border; broad upright 
'Festive' - white with purple\lilac flecks and stripes; oupright
‘Frosted Orange’ – orange with white center!! Compact!  
‘Geisha’ – the real one!! white with purple stripes; upright  
‘Girard’s Fuchsia’ – really purple; very hardy; upright  
'Girard's Pink Dawn' - deep bright pink; hardy; broad upright
'Girard's Scarlet' - fine vivid red; hardy! broad upright
'Great Expectations' - orange\red; double! nice! slow growth
'Green Glow' - white with green hue; hih; uprihgt
Gresham’ – bright pink; sometimes white stripes or mixed  
‘Hardy Gardenia’ – pure white double!! broad upright  
Helen Curtis’ – double white flowers!! compact; hardy!! 
‘Hilda Niblett’ – pink\white+red flecks\stripes!! compact 
New introductions from Germany (DDR)

‘Allotria’ – purplish red; rather large flowers; floriferous; Compact.  
'Babuschka' *- cherry red; very double! patent!
'Canzonetta' - purplislh pink; compact
'Eisprinzessin' *- dbl.white+small yellow blotch; compact;patent
'Falkenstein' - from  DDR; deep pink; small fl. and leaves! compact
'Fridoline' - fine orange\red; compact and hardy
'Kermesina Rosé' - bicolor pink with white border
'Königstein' - from the DDR; lavender\purple; broad compact
'Kirstin' - fine bright pink; broad and compact
‘Maruschka’ *– cherry red; bronze-red leaves in winter; compact
Melina’ – purplish pink double; low compact 
'Peppina' *- lilac with winered blotch; compact; patent
'Petticoat'*- pure pink; double; low; compact; patent
‘Pink Jam’ – DDR; Knorr; fine pink with glowing leaves  
'Purpurkissen'*- purplish red; floriferous; lowcomjpact; patent
'Purpurtraum' - purple\violet+white stamens; broadcompact
'Rosinetta'* - dense double pure pink; roundcompact; patent
'Rotstein' - DDR plant; pure red; broadcompact; 
'Schneeglanz' - pure white+yellow blotch; upright
'Schneeperle'* - pure white; double; floriferous; compact; patent
'Schneesturm' - pure white; floriferous; broadcompact 
'Schrammstein' - DDR;  purplish lilac; long flowering time; compact

'Kermesina'-  German introduction;  wellknown; deep pink
'Labe' - from Czech; deep pink; hardy; spreading
'Ledikanense' - soft lilac\pink and hardy
'Mme Albert van Hecke' - known!  soft rosy pink; hardy!
'Mercator' - lilac\purple; most hih; late and hardy!
'Moeder(kens)dag' - well known; red; moderate hardy
'Multiflora' - deep reddish pink; late flowering
'Noordtiana' - pure white; upright; very hardy
'Orange Beauty' - light orange-red; 
'Polarbear' - white and hih; midseason; compact+upright
'Purple Splendo(u)r' - lilac\purple hih; early; upright; hardy?
'Rosalind' - deep pinkish lilac; late and spreading
'Rosebud' - double like  a rose; late; upright; 
'Rubinetta' - purplish red; late; spreading; hardy
'Santa Maria' - orange\redrood; midseason; no bright sun!!
'Schneewittchen' - white; midseason and spreading
'Silbersee' - white with yellow blotch; midseason; spreading
'Stewartstownian' - known hybrid; red; early; no bright sun!!
'Toreador' - deep pink; midseason; moderate hardy(?)
'Vuyk's Rosyred' - dark pink; late; spreading
'Vuyk's Scarlet' - red; midseason; strong growing

‘Ho-Oden’ – large pink and white; hih; or solid; special!
'Hot Shot' – hot red. broad upright; strong and hardy!
‘Hot Shot variegated’ – same with variegated leaves!!
'Janet Rhea' -special! dbl.purplish pink+white border;  hih! breed
'Joe Gable' - white; hih; hardy; broad upright
'Kintail' - special yellowish pink+white center; upright open growth
'Komo Kulshan' - purplish red; white center; nice bicolor
'Koromo Shikibu' - strap-like lilac flowers; special!spreading
'Linda Stuart' - light soft pink; pale center; hih; small yellow blotch
'Lovely Linda' - new from Joe Klimavicz; soft pink hih; fine!!
‘Margaret Douglas’ –salmon orange border+pale center; late; upright.  
'Martha Hitchcock' - bicolor white with purple border; broad upright
'Mary Ellen Thomson' - lavender; fully double; spreading;
'May Blaine' - lilac lavender; double! broad upright
‘Mount Seven Stars’ – orange-red; llow; heary leaves; late.  
Midnight Flare’ – remarkable dark red;. upright  
Mrs. Nancy Dippel’ – soft pink; very double; large flowers; Nice!!!  
'Nancy of Robinhill' - soft pink; double; hih; compact broad
'Nannie Angel' - new!! white strap-likes flowers!! upright
'Nassau’ – pompon double!+with purple stripes; special!. Compact.  
‘Olga Niblett’ – cream; (rare!) strong upright; hardy!  
'Orange Cup' - almost real orange; hih; fine colour
‘Parfait’ – almost white with red dots; upright.  

Peggy Ann’ – with a personal story! I have the real one!! hardy; bicolor soft pink and white hih; beautiful!! does well in Holland!
'Peter Pooker' - soft pink with green blotch; low and spreading
'Purple Pinwheel' - new! purple\lavender; strap-like! kreeping!  
'R.W. Pennington' - soft pink with green blotch; 
Red Fountain’ - orange red; late; cascade growth; fine leaves  
'Sherbrook' - lavender hih; somtimes double or rosette
'Sherwood White' - new! nearly white  hih; 
Shimmer’ – white with purple flecks\stripes; upright.  
Sport of Easter Parade’ – distinctive; tricolor; double; fine!!!  
'Sunglow' - (carmine) red; glows in sunshine; shelter!
'Talbot' - soft pink+ pink stripes\flecks; yellow throat; upright
‘Vintage’ – winered;  bronze leaves after summer; broad upright  
White Moon’ – white; very compact; rockgarden plant
'White Rosebud' - white form of 'Rosebud double white!
'Y. W. Pennington' - new; pink double; seen in N-Carolina

with many new varieties, which I am testing on hardiness and health  
More or less new from other European countries:

'Blanice' - Czech; soft lilac\pink; floriferous; broad compact
'Chipmunck' - Cox\Scotland; brilght pink hih; late! compact
           Glendoick patent=plants; Cox\Scotland; i.e:
'Glendoick Dream'*- purplish red; double; patent
'Glendoick Garnet'*- deep red; hardy; upright; patent
'Glendoick Glacier'* double white; compact; patent
'Glendoick Goblin'*- cgerry red; fine plant; patent
'Lemur' - Cox\Scotland; red buds;  deep pink; low
'Oslava' - Czech; pink with red markings; compact
'Otava' - Czech;  violet; compact 
‘Panda’ – Cox\Scotland; floriferous pure white; compact  
'Racoon' - bright red; very late! compact
‘Squirrel’ –Cox\Scotland; ffine red; compact and low 
Wombat’ – also Cox, cherry red, late! compact; low.  


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Dozens of new pictures of evergreen azaleas: Please, note: Copyright for all the photographs!! Only private use is allowed!

'Abigail Adams'
Alex de Somer'
'Ann Harris'
'Ashley Ruth'
'Ben Morrison'
'Coral Ace'
'Coral Bells'
'David Waldman'
'Delaware Valley White'
'Dick West'
'Dorothy Clark'
'Dr. Henry Schroeder'
'Dream Sherbet'
'Easley Blue'
'Edna Bee'
'Elisa Scott'
'Fancy Pants'
'Flame Dance'
'Fuji Hime'
'Fuji Nishiki'
'Forest Flame'
'Geisha Girl'
'Geisha Orange'
'General de Gaulle'
'George Lindley Taber'
'Grace Freeman'
'Great Expectations'
'Greenthumb Peppermint'
'Gumpo White'

'Guy Parree'
'Haru no Sono'
'Helen Close'
'Joan Garrett'
'Joseph Haydn'
'Kara Nishiki'
'Kathy Ann'
'Kermesina Rosé'
'Kermesina Rosé' terugloop
'Lady Louise'
'Lady Love'
'Lavender Miss'
'Lucien de Cock'
'Maria Elena'
'Marian Eagan'
'Marian Lee'
'Marshy Point's Fire Flower'
'Mary Helen'
'Matsu no Hikari'
'Midnight Flare'
'Mini Rosebud'
'Mitzu na Yama Buki'
'Mrs. Nancy Dippel'

'Nannie Angel'
'Orange Fluff'
'Painted Lady'
'Pam Corckran'
'Pearly Pink'
'Peggy Ann' (de echte!!!)
'Peter Pooker'
'Pink Lace'
'Red Tape'
'Red Ties'
'Robin Hill Gillie'
'Rosy Frills'
'Salmon Leap'
'Sandy Dandy'
'Sara Holden'
'Secret Wish'
'Sherbrook White'
'Silver Sword'
'Son of a gun'
'Sport of Easter Parade'
'Springtime Blush'
'Susan Lynn'
'Toko Hara'
'Tom Boy'
'Violet Longhurst'
'White Rosebud'

 In 1992 I was in the USA for the first time to attend the Convention of the American Rhododendron Society on Long Island. Very interesting! Visiting gardens, parks and nurseries.  
I was amazed about what I saw : evergreen azaleas in forms and flowers, I had never seen before!! I bought quite some plants and took them with me to Holland. And did so since then the last 12 years.

Azaleas with double or 'pompom'-flowers; or large flowers, bicolor or even tricolor flowers. Flowers white with flecks and stripes, pink or purple. Creeping plants and very late flowering. I had never seen such an abundance in forms, colours and types before. What we have here In Europe is\was mostly single and quite small flowers and no bi- or tricolors. Though Hachmann in Germany  introduced quite some fine double new azaleas. And still does!!
Meanwhile of all the hundreds imported azaleas many died because they did not 'like' our changeable weather (climate). What we need here is not olny winterhardy, but more 'wintertough' plants. 
All the plants, that did well so far, withstood all our winter misery, and  I can recommend for at least the Netherlands and similar climates.  You see them above in the list of promising American introductions. I mean for here in Holland\western Europe.

Let me now explain some words and notions, which you might not understand:
A rosette means that some stamens have turned into short\small corollas;
A flower is double, when all the stamens have turned into larger corollas, almost as large as the normal corollas.
A flower is hose-in-hose, hih, when the normally small green calyx-leaves have turned into larger corollas, most in the same colour, sometimes with markings or a different colour. Sometimes they are as big as the normal corollas. This can also happen with the other rhododendrons. A goal for me in my hybridizing work.