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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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Kalmia latifolia "Indian Summer" in Maine wildflowers Costa Blanca Bernhard Knorr rhodo's Hans Hachmann Rhodo's Joe Klimavic azaleas

Assortiment of deciduous Azaleas

'Cheerful Giant'

             Deciduous azaleas have no leaves in winter and so they don't suffer from freezing, though in early spring they can suffer from late spring frosts. On this page I mention azaleas more sold and planted in the UK and the USA. Every region has his own climate with conditions which can vary. Some varieties don't do well in cold or hot climates.
             These azaleas offer a wide range of colours and forms as no other Rhododendron can offer. They arose by complicated hybridizing  from the wild species or native azaleas in Asia and the USA and the Caucasus in Europe. Especially in Belgium and England, but also in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA hybridizers did a lot of breeding for excellent new azaleas. Since some decades there is a new appreciation of the native azaleas in the USA, which has lead to many new hybrids or forms of these azaleas. Now we can all enjoy the results of these fine species and their hybrids!!
             I will not tire you with the complicated origine and classification in species and subspecies, but will mention some native azaleas and give you some lists of hybrids. Enjoy also the connected pictures!

Evergreen Azaleas

'Jock Brydon'


Albums deciduous azaleas:

Album 1 Azalea-mix 2010
Album 2 Azalea-mix 2010

R. arborescens - white\pink; fragrant;  eastern USA; 
R. atlanticum;  white and very fragrant; eastern USA; 
R. austrinum - eastern USA; fine golden yellow!!  
R. calendulaceum; yellow\orange\red; eastern USA; 
R. canescens - eastern USA; pink\white; fragrant 
R. flammeum - eastern USA; ; orange red; 

R. japonicum, from Japan with yellow\orange flowers;
R. luteum; with yellow fragrant flowers;  from the Caucasus
R. molle, with yellow flowers; from China;
R. occidentale, western USA;  white\pink with blotch; fragrant
R. periclymenoides (nudiflorum) pink(-white); fragrant; eastern USA; 
R. prinophyllum; pink and fragrant; eastern USA; 
R. prunifolium; red (sometimes orange) and late flowering; eastern USA; 
R. viscosum;  pink\white; nicely fragrant; late; moist soil; eastern USA; 
Important assets of decideous azaleas are:
1. coldhardy;
2. beautiful, often multi-coloured, frequently double flowers;
3. quite some are fragrant and\or late flowering;
4. many have nice new bronze leaves; bronze-red leaves in fall.

 'Olympic Sunset'

'Royal Command'

Albums deciduous azaleas:

Album 3 Azalea-mix 2010
Album 4 Azalea-mix 2010

Photos for plant-labels? info!

'Altaclarensis' - yellow with small orange blotch (Mollis?)
Annabella' - Golden yellow flowers; Ex
'Anna Pavlova' - ruffled double white flowers; KH
'Antilope' - pink with yellow blotch; fragrant; ViscosumxMollis
'Apple Blossom' - salmon-pink; floriferous; Mollis
'Apricot Surprise' - strong orange-apricot; Northern Lights
'April Showers' - pale yellow flowers+deeper orange centre; early;  KH
'Arista' - double pink-orange; KH
'Arneson Gem’ - large golden orange; Exbury-Mollis
'Arneson Ruby' - red with white stamens; KH Arneson
'Balzac' - red with orange markings; fragrant!! Ex
'Barbecue' -double salmon pink flowers+orange blotch; special; KH
'Bartholo Lazzari' - golden yellow; double; Ghent
‘Basilisk’ – creamy with golden blotch; Ex
Berryrose’ – pink wit golden blotch; fragrant; Ex; *L
'Brazil' - orange with orange-yellow blotch; KH
'Candystripe' - pink with a  golden orange blotch; fragrant; Occ.
'Cannon's Double' -double flowers of rich cream and pink ; KH
'Cécile' -clear salmon pink with a yellow flare ; Ex
'Cheerful Giant' - double yellow flowers; Ex
'Chetco' - viivid yellow with orange blotch; KH
'Christopher Wren' - golden yellow with orange blotch; Mollis
'Clarice' - salmon-orange-yellow with orange blotch; ex.
'Clear Creak' - fine (orange) yellow; Eugene Aromi ; Ex
'Coccinea speciosa’ – bright yellowish pink; orange blotch; Ghent
'Colin Kenrick' - hih pale pink with yellow blotch; very fine! KH
Corneille’ – soft, double, pink flowers; fragrant! Ghent
'Corringe' - fluorescent red orange; strong growing; Ex-KH
'Coronation Lady' - salmon pink+orange yellow blotch; KH
'Csardas' - double orange-yellow; Hachmann; KH
'Darkie' - fine dark orange\red; 
'Daviesii' - Pink opening white flowers+yellow blotch; scented; Ghent
'Debutante' - large carmine pink with orange blotch; KH
'Doloroso' - not fading dark red; Hachmann; KH
'Dorothy Corston' - bright red with orange blotch; KH
'Dr. Reichenbach' - orange yellow with orange blotch; Mollis
'Drury Lane' - a large flowered apricot azalea; semi double; Ex
'Exquisita' - pinky-white flowers+orange yellow blotch. Scented.  Occ.
'Fabiola' - double pink red ; Hachmann; KH
‘Fanal’ – bright orange red; Hachmann; KH
'Fanny' - (= 'Pucella') purple-pink with orange blotch; Ghent
'Feuerwerk' - deep reddish orange; orange blotch;  Hachmann; KH
Fireball’ – Deep red flowers with yellow stamens; Ex
'Fireglow' - strong reddish orange; KH
'Flamingo' - deep pink flowers with an orange-yellow blotch; KH
'Floradora' - brilliant orange; reddish orange blotch; Mollis
'Fragrant Star' -very fragrant, snowy white flowers; blue foliage; 
'Frans van der Bom' - strong orange yellow; Mollis
'Freya' - salmon pink and double; Rustica hybrid
'Fridtjof Nansen' - bright vivid orange; Fleischmann; KH
'Frills' - radiant orange, semi double; orange blotch; KH
'Frilly Lemon' - Very double, frilled lemon yellow flowers; Arneson KH
'Gallipoli Red' - deep watermelon orange flowers; EX
'George Reynolds' -large buttery yellow flowers+darker blotch; KH
'General Nathan' - fine bright orange; ASA 2003
Gibraltar’ – Flame orange flowers with a warm yellow flare! KH *L
'Ginger' - brilliant orange with a pink flush; fragrant; Ex
'Girard's Red Pom Pom' - Large fragrant, double red flowers; KH
'Gold Dust' - deep yellow with tones of rust and cream; fragrant! KH-Ex
'Golden Dream' - strong yellow flowers; KH
'Golden Eagle' - Strong reddish orange+vivid orange blotch; KH
'Golden Lights' - fragrant glowing yellow; (Northern Lights) hardy!!
'Golden Oriole' - brilliant yellow; deep orange blotch; KH; *L
'Goldfinch' - Light yellow flowers with a vivid yellow blotch; KH
'Goldflamme' - vivid orange-golden yellow; Hachmann; KH
'Goldlack' - yellow+orange blotch; fragrant!! Ghent (German origin)
Goldpracht’ –Hachmann, golden yellow with darker blotch; KH
Glowing Embers’ – golden yellow-orange; Ex
'Harry's Honey' - fine orange-yellow; KH
'High Sierras' - white flowers+yellow blotch; fragrant! Bovee;  KH
'Homebush' -double carmine pink flowers in a pompon truss; KH
'Hortulanus H. White' - orange yellow with orange blotch; Mollis
'Hotspur' - large hot vermillion orange bloom; bronzy foliage; Ex
'Ilam Red Frills' - Deep, scarlet red flowers+orange flare; Ilam; KH
'Imperator' - orange and late flowering; Mollis
'Irene Koster' - white flushed strong pink; scented; Occ.
'Jack A. Sand' -purplish red-yellowish pink; orange blotch; fragrant; KH 
'Jerry's Find' - fine orange yellow flowers in a rounded truss; R. austrinum #?
'Jock Brydon' - white\pink with orange blotch; fragrant; Occ
'Jolie Madame - Large, deep fuchsia pink; fragrant flowers; Viscosum
'Juanita' - pink red+golden-yellow blotch; Hachmann; KH
'Kathleen' - apricot pink with a salmon flush; Ex
'Kilian' - double bright pink; Hachmann; KH
'Klondyke' - brilliant, golden-yellow flowers; bronze new foliage; Ex
'Koster's Brilliant Red' - red orange; Mollis
'Lace Valentine' - brilliant white flowers+yellow blotch; fragrant! Bovee
'Lawrence Olson' - soft pink+golden orange flare; fragrant!! Occ.
'Lemon Lights' - lush, lemon yellow flowers; fragrant; Northern Lights
'Lila' - true white with a large golden flare; Bovee KH
'Limetta' - clear yellow wit golden blotch; Hachmann; KH
'Lollipop' - fragrant pink bloom with a daring yellow flare; Weston
'Mandarin Lights' - ruffled red orange blossoms; fragrant; KH
'Mary Poppins' - red flowers with a hint of orange; KH
'Millenium' - dusty red flowers; very late flowering; Weston KH
'Millie Mac' - sel. of R. austrinum; yellow with white margins; fragrant
'Molalla Red' - Fascinating bright red, tubular flowers; Ex
'Mount Rainier' - large white flowers with a yellow blotch;  Ex
'Mount Saint Helens' - Large, rose pink+orange blotch; Girard Ex
'Multatuli' - orange yellow with orange blotch; Mollis
'My Mary' - light brilliant yellow; fragrant; stoloniferous; Beasley
'Narcissiflora' - double yellow; Ghent
'Nabucco' - really dark red; Hachmann; KH
'Nancy Waterer' - golden yellow and fragrant; Ghent (Engeland)
'Nicolaas Beets' - strong orange-yellow; Mollis
'Nifty Fifty' - bright yellow; upper lobes darker yellow; Arneson
'Northern Highlights' -soft white+a yellow blotch; hardy!!
'Old Gold' - bright golden-yellow;  Ex
'Orangeade' - frilly flowers of a pure, delicious orange; KH
'Orange Hit' - golden orange; late; Hachmann; KH
'Orchid Lights' - Unusual shaped flowers; soft orchid; very hardy!!
'Otto Hahn' - pink with golden yellow blotch; Fleischmann; KH
'Oxydol' - white; yellow dots-blotch; Ex
'Pallas' - yellowish pink with brilliant orange blotch; Ghent
'Peter Koster' -  orange with darker orange blotch; Mollis
'Pink and Sweet' - fragrant, purple pink+golden flare; late; Weston
'Pink Delight' - pink with yellow-orange blotch; KH
'Persil' - the well know white with yellow blotch; KH
'Princess Royal' -creamy white+pink; yellow blotch; fragrant; large!! Ex
'Queen Emma' - salmon orange flowers+strong orange blotch; Mollis
'Radiant' - deep red orange, almost brick red; Mollis
'Raimunde' - pink with orange blotch; fragrant; Hachmann; KH
'Red Sunset' - deep vivid red flower; very fine!  Arneson, Ex
'Robert Koch' - fine bright orange-red; KH
'Rosy Lights' - Dark rosy pink blossoms; fragrant; very hardy; 
'Royal Command' - vivid reddish orange; Ex
'Royal Lodge' - red with a blend of orange; long stamens; KH
'Royal Ruby' - bright orange red; pointed petals; Ex
'Rumba' - vivid orange; red tubes; KH
'Salmon Delight' - bright pink, flushed with yellow pink; KH
'Salmon Queen' - light orange; vivid orange blotch; Mollis
'Sarina' - salmon orange with orange blotch; scented; Hachmann; KH
'Satan' - vivid red; KH
'Satomi' - mix of pink\white with a golden blotch; KH; Hachmann; KH
'Schneegold' - white with golden yellow blotch; Hachmann; KH
'Silver Slipper' - large white flowers+yellow orange flare. KH
'Soft Shimmer' - Soft pink\white hih balls; later more pink; Greer KH
'Souvenir de Président Carnot' - bright double orange; Ghent
'Soir de Paris' - light pink flowers+orange blotch; fragrant; viscosum 
'Stefanie' - pink with orange blotch; low growing; Hachmann; KH
'Stoneall Jackson' - bright light orange; ASA 2003
'Strawberry Ice' - peach pink flowers+yellow blotch; Ex
'Sunny Boy' - orange red with orange blotch; Hachmann; KH
'Sunta Nectarine' - fiery orange red; red buds; Ex
'Sylphides' - pastel pink, slightly flushed with rose; yellow blotch; KH
'Totally Awesome' - mix of brilliant yellow' vivid red and orange; KH
'Tri-lights' - white with purple pink and yellow spots; 
'Vulcan' - strong red+vivid orange yellow blotch; Ghent  (Waterer)
'Washington State Centennial' - white+large glowing yellow blotch; KH
'Weston's Innocence' - bridal white blooms;  late and fragrant! KH
'Weston's Lemon Drop' - fragrant, yellow blossoms in July!! KH
'White Lights' - white with a bit gold; extremely hardy; fragrant!
'Wilhelm Röntgen' - pink with wavy orange blotch; Fleischmann; KH
'White Melodie' - new; white with golden yellow blotch; KH
'Whitethroat' - double white flowers; KH
'Windsor Daybreak' - yellowish pink+orange yellow blotch; KH\Ex
'Windsor Sunbeam' - vivid yellow; KH\Ex\Windsor hybride
'Yellow Apple' - large, sunny, soft, very pure yellow;  Greer Ex
'Yellow Cloud' - light yellow; later brilliant yellow; KH (?)
'Yellow Pom Pom' - vivid yellow; ballshape; double; KH

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Below you will find a new collection of dozens of new photographs of deciduous azaleas. Attention: for all photographs there is copyright!! Only allowed is private use!!

azalea 'Alba Grandiflora'
azalea 'Apollo'
azalea 'Arneson Gem'
azalea 'Arneson Pink'
azalea 'Aromi Glorybe'
azalea 'Aromi Pathfinders'
azalea 'Aromi Radiant Red'
azalea 'Aromi Trade Winds'
azalea 'Barselick'
azalea 'Beaugeste'
azalea 'Beauté Celeste'
azalea 'Big Dude'
azalea 'Brick Ruffles'
azalea 'Bright Straw'
azalea 'Buzzi'
azalea 'Camilla's Blush'
azalea 'Centennial'
azalea 'Chanel'
azalea 'Charles Rogier'
azalea 'Cherokee Big Peach'
azalea 'Chetco'
azalea 'Chicago'

azalea 'Choice Cream'
azalea 'Clear Creek'
azalea 'Clothilde'
azalea 'C. Maarschalk'

azalea 'Comte de Quincy'
azalea 'Coralship Red'
azalea 'Crimson King'
azalea 'Crimson Tide'
azalea 'Darkie'
azalea 'Denmark Bluff'
azalea 'Dinie Metselaar'
azalea 'Dominico Scassi'
azalea 'Don's Variegated' (Rh. austrinum var.)
azalea "Dr. Jakobi'
azalea 'Dr. Charles Baumann'
azalea 'Dr. M. Oosthoek'
azalea "Duchess of Portland'
azalea 'Earl's Angel'
azalea 'Earl's Gold'
azalea 'Ed Stephens'
azalea 'Eisenhower'

azalea 'Emil Liebig'
azalea 'Enchantress'
azalea 'Evening Glow'
azalea 'Fama'
azalea 'Fawley'
azalea 'Fireball'
azalea 'Fort Knox'
azalea 'Framingham'
azalea 'Gabble Yellow'
azalea 'Gallipoli'
azalea 'Gamecock'
azalea 'Gena Mae'
azalea 'General Brialmont'
azalea 'General Nathan'
azalea 'General Nathan B. Forrest'
azalea 'General Trauff'
azalea 'Georg Reynolds'
azalea 'Gloria Mundi'
azalea 'Glowing Embers'
azalea 'Golden Oriole'
azalea 'Goldköpfchen'
azalea 'Goldstück'
azalea 'Graf von Meran'
azalea 'Grandeur Triomphante'
azalea 'Guelder Rose'
azalea 'Hamlet'
azalea 'Hanny Felix'
azalea 'Harry's Honey'
azalea 'Heureuse Surprise'
azalea 'Homebush'
azalea 'Hortulanus A. Fiet'
azalea 'Hotspur Red'
azalea 'Hugh Wormald'
azalea 'Hugo Hardijzer'
azalea 'Hugo Koster'
azalea 'Isabella van Houtte'
azalea 'J. C. van Tol'
azalea 'J. Jennings'
azalea J. T. Seidel'
azalea 'Jack Andrews'
azalea 'John Conner (prunifolium red)
azalea 'Joseph Baumann'
azalea 'Lemon Drop'
azalea 'Lemoria'
azalea 'Liebesglut'
azalea 'Light Yellow' alabamense
azalea 'Marconi'
azalea 'Marie Verschaffelt'
azalea 'Mathilde'
azalea 'Millennium'
azalea 'Miniata Floribunda'
azalea 'Mrs. John Russel'
azalea 'Murillo'
azalea 'My Mary'
azalea 'Norma'
azalea 'Oxydol'
azalea 'Peach Glow'
azalea 'Pennsylvania'
azalea 'Pink Mimosa'
azalea 'Prince Baudouin'
azalea 'Prince Henri de Pays-Bas'
azalea 'Princesse Charlotte'
azalea 'Prominent'
azalea 'Pucella'
azalea 'Redshank'
azalea Rh. prunifolium orange flower
azalea 'Rosella'
azalea 'Rosy Cheeks'
azalea 'Royal Lodge'
azalea 'Sang de Gentbrugge'
azalea 'Seville'
azalea 'Spring Songs'
azalea 'Stoneall Jackson'
azalea 'Strawberry Ice'
azalea 'Sun Chariot'
azalea 'Suzanne Loef'
azalea 'Tyrol'
azalea 'Tunis'
azalea 'Unique'
azalea 'Vergille'
azalea 'Victoria'
azalea 'Viscosepalum'
azalea 'Vlameola Incarnata'
azalea 'Von Gneist'
azalea 'Wallawa Red'
azalea 'W. E. Gumbleton'
azalea 'Weston's Sparkler'
azalea 'Willem Hardijzer'
azalea 'Winston Churchill'
azalea 'Wye'
azalea 'Yellow Pompom'
azalea 'Yellow Prince'