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Rhododendrons colours:





Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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Kalmia latifolia "Indian Summer" in Maine wildflowers Costa Blanca Bernhard Knorr rhodo's Hans Hachmann Rhodo's Joe Klimavic azaleas
Bernhard Knorr


Bernhard Knorr Rhododendrons

'Atacama'  ones of Bernhard's best new hybrids

          The goal of this page is, to honour the hybridizing work of Mr. Bernhard Knorr  with Rhododendrons and Azaleas. What he achieved with his huge knowledge of plants - even under the most difficult DDR-circumstances - must be kept at least for the botanic world and beyond. 
          From 1993 on I got to know him and his wife Karin, when they still lived in Dresden. Later we visited them several times to admire his botanic legacy en learned to respect them because of their remarkable hostility. 

'Carmencita'  a complicated cross with Rh. austrinum

an evergreen azalea cross with met hose-in-hose flowers  'Dretonia hell-lila' = 'Haruko’(Mother) × ‘Van Noordt’(Father).

a really nice cross  in my opinion 'Günther Bickerich' = 'Sutchuara' × 'Angelique', Knorr,  in 1999 selected and named

A life with plants

          "I find it magnificent, to find people this way, with the same goals of life".
This is (in hard to translate German) what Bernhard wrote to me on the 28th of December 1993. And in this way our friendship developed till today, 17th October 2008.
           All this started, when I visited the nursery of the late Johann Wieting ( who died 1989) near Westerstede, and saw a number of evergreen azaleas, that I did not know before. I liked them as fine plants, also without flowers. Johann told me that these azaleas were the result of the hybridizing work of a certain Mr. Knorr from the DDR. 
           Then I wrote Mr. Knorr a long letter and 2 years later we met in northern Germany. After that we visited him and his wife several times in Dresden, where they also had a summer garden not far from the river Elbe. In their lifes they had a lot of difficulties and problems, like the floods of 2002 and health problems. 
          Some years ago they visited us in Nijensleek and we went to  the famous "Orchideeënhoeve" (Orchis-farm) in Luttelgeest. Here it struck me, that from a distance he could tell the botanic (latin) names of many orchids, that were growing in the large greenhouses. His enormous knowledge of plants was so impressive!!
        Now he and Karin live in Tharandt, south of  Dresden. He worked here several years in the "Sächsische Landesarboretum", "Forstbotanische Garten". It was his duty here to present  the Northamerican flora in the new wooded park by growing up the young plants and trees. About this work he writes:".These years were the most fine years of my professional life". In this plant-environment  he could work out his creativity with other fine people. But - better than to summarize his story, you can read his own story, so I hope you can read German to read his following story:
Bernhard Knorr's "botanical life story". (German)
List of  Bernhard Knorr's rhododendron hybrids
Album Bernhard Knorr  hybrids 1
Album Bernhard Knorr  hybrids 2
Album Bernhard Knorr  hybrids 3

'Diana Hemel'  a real bright red flowering hybrid of Bernhard Knorr  Bambola × ((Harri Günther × Johann) × Frühlingszauber))

a cross with a lepidote (=small-leaved) Rhododendron  'Erect'  =  Klon of Rh. nivale ssp boreale (syn. violaceum),  selected in 1986.

'Praemature Blotcup'  is a found seedling from the 'Forstbotanischen Garten' in Tharandt = Klon of  Rhododendron oreodoxa Franch. var. oreodoxa, dus oreodoxa x ?

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