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Rhododendron George's Delight - a nice flower with a mix of colours - yellow, pink and orange.

Rhododendron 'Double Winner' a strigilosum hybrid with hairy leaves and stems - has bright red flowers

Rhododendrons colours:





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Kalmia latifolia "Indian Summer" in Maine wildflowers Costa Blanca Bernhard Knorr rhodo's Hans Hachmann Rhodo's Joe Klimavic azaleas
somewhere in a shop in Spain, self-made image


About myself 

Wy wife Reini and I in our garden

        "Tell about myself?", was my first response, when a friend asked me to introduce myself, when I had my first version of Rhodoland on the internet. "It's all about Rhododendrons and Azaleas - not about me!"  Well, I can say now, that my modesty let me response like this, but then in one time the effect will be gone :-) Okay, when I have to - visitors of this website may want to know who it is, who made it. 
Then I repeat a part of what I wrote before this 5th edition about myself. Actually I bear in mind, to write a new sort of novel, a 'plant-novel' let's call it a 'love-novel' between me and plants like rhododendrons and azaleas. But which publisher would be interested in it? And which audience of readers? We will see what happens. And if I will have enough energy to write it. For the time being - this website will be enough. Later, may be later.......

in our garden, looking for snails?

All those, who have a passion, want to share it with others, right?!! Well, it may be clear, what my passion (obsession?) is, Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Gardening and hybridizing is my great love for a long time and the possibilities with rhododendrons and azaleas are almost unlimited. Alone hybridizing with them is a fantastic and exciting thing to do.
I want to tell you about this passion and show it with many photos I made, especially of my own hybrids and garden. And a lot more as you will see. Enjoy yourself!

making some new crosses

Something about myself

              My name is Tijs (pron. as 'Tice') Huisman. Born and raised in the Netherlands, in a small village 'Giessendam' in the Province 'Zuid-Holland' about 20 miles east of Rotterdam. In a typical Dutch polder-landscape with meadows, ditches and windmills. In my childhood I did a lot of rowing on the river 'Merwede" and fishing in the polder or the small river the 'Giessen'. I studied on a 'College of Education' and then German language and literature at the University of Utrecht.
After 30 years of teaching German on several highschools I am declared unable to work because of 'burn-out'. May be my problem is, that I can't do 'nothing'. I think, there is nothing so boaring as doing nothing....So, with the energy I have left I am gardening, hybridizing, photographing, travelling and writing. 
Nature and gardening with plants and flowers have always had my deep interest. A genetic  gift from my mother, I think. 'Green fingers' - mostly other colours - have layed out a fine garden here, with some help of good friends. It is good to relax, especcially in the evening, when I sit near my newest pond and enjoy the result of my hard work. 
         In Bleiswijk - 10 miles north of Rotterdam I layed out a small heather garden, but soon everything was full of seedlings. In 1982 we moved to the small town 'Hattem' not far from Zwolle, in a wooded area. Here I had 1.5 acres. I first made a heather garden, later a rhododendron garden and started 1984 my hybridizing 'obsession'. From then on till now I proceeded about 1.500 crosses with some nice results. Many of them, about 70 of my best, are under observation on a nursery in northern Germany.
         From 1997 till now we live in a small village in the western part of the province 'Drenthe' 30 miles north of Zwolle. We have a property of about 7 acres, of which 4 acres garden. Here we have many (own) hybrids of Rhododendrons and Azaleas, but also many daylilies, grasses, (special) shrubs and trees, ferns, perennials, some ponds etc.  My garden style is winding paths and a lay out which looks naturally. Next pages will show you a lot of it and will speak for themselves.
       I also like photography which is my second hobby. In 2004 I participated in a photo-exhibition and there is one planned for next year 2006. This makes a fine combination with my love for plants and nature. 
       In this website I hope to show you this love and may be obsession to you. I hope you like it and will find enough to see and may be also some ideas and stimuli for your own garden work. For about a year now I am working on the reconstruction of this website. And that is long enough for me......

I don't like standing before a mirror......but for a 'self-image'..... photographing, here in Besalu in Spain

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